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Gravitas vs. EG in Doubleheader Tonight

ESEA -- Goodfornothing returns as 6-6 Gravitas faces off against Evil Geniuses in a double header tonight.

This is a big match-up and it really matters for both teams. Gravitas hasn’t been doing anything at all recently and have died down from the hype of them being a top three team.

They started off the summer season with a great blast-off, winning KODE 5 USA, however, they have died down due to goodfornothing’s trip to South America. I’m not even sure if they are practicing right now.

Things should be different now, however, with key player and strat caller Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol.

View the matches here.

This is going to be one of the most anticipated matches in ESEA Invite this season. EG is coming off of a win against Fujita 5 which is an easy task for any invite team to beat.

With Warden warmed up and back from his trip to Hawaii both teams are ready and should be mentally prepared for this double header. Although Gravitas’s stratcaller is back, they might be lacking lots of practice.  Gravitas hasn’t been performing to their best ability but maybe facing a team like EG will allow us to see the amazing performance that GG is capable of and that we once saw in KODE5.

The first match begins at 10 PM.

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