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Back2Back Signs 00

RIVERSIDE, California -- After only two days after dropping Grid05, Back2Back has added 00. 00, formally known as iDemise, have been without a lead organization since the beginning of the ESEA season.

The California based organization Back2Back has announced their addition of 00, the former iDemise 1.6 team, after dropping Grid05 three days ago.

"I am very excited for this day," said team owner Michael "hero" Albrecht. "The team is incredible and with our guidance I believe they will become the best team in North America."

00 has been without a lead organization for quite some time now since their fallout with iDemise. Since then, the team has added former CompLexity star David "zid" Chin and gone on to a 13-2 record, second best in the ESEA 1.6 Invite division.

"I can see us reaching the top and becoming a huge North American powerhouse. It’s going to take dedication and time but I already believe that we can do it.  They risked a lot to be apart of Back 2 Back and that to me shows how far they are willing to go to be the best," Albrecht added in an interview with us.

Richard "iNERtiA" Bundy also expressed his excitement.

"Back2back has been a very easy going, professional organization throughout the process of signing on with them. We look forward to representing the new name at the upcoming events in New York and Texas."

00 will first represent Back2Back at the WCG Quiver Shootout in New York City July 18-19 and immediately after travel to Texas where they will compete at a Lethal Gamers tournament and the ESEA playoffs.

The New Back2Back Roster is:

  Richard "iNERtiA" Bundy
  Alex "hazard" Martins
  Nazar "naZ" Vynnytsky
  Joe "spyro" Perez
  David "zid" Chin

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