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Playbook: CompLexity on de_dust2

INSIDER ESPORTS -- As the ESEA playoffs approach, Jimbo 'sox' Robinson takes a look at the playoff teams on one of their better maps. Today, he looks at CompLexity on de_dust2.

Over the next two weeks, I will be evaluating all the playoff teams on one of their better maps. To create this playbook, I evaluated the three latest matches on the map. I can't promise this will be what the team uses on that day, but hopefully less experienced players get a few tricks out of the guide. Enjoy!

CompLexity is one of those teams that are hardly rivaled by anyone, save one of the American "holy trinity" teams. Every once in a long while, a team will bring them to game point, but they always find a way to take the win. Their ESEA record proves just how amazing they are in the online leagues, and de_dust2 has been one of their better maps for the season. Save tonight, of course, where they took an unfortunate 16-14 loss to EG.

Still, if you look at their teamwork on de_dust2, it is second to none. Here is what they usually bring to the table for de_dust2.

Note: This playbook was being created during the Savior and Evolution roster change.  Because there were no available demos of Evolution with coL on de_dust2, Savior is represented. The major change in their strategy is that Evolution is now the primary AWPer.





The round starts off with hero picking middle and lower B for a potential push middle. Ninespot and Irunkandji then drop into the fast cat hallway where Ninespot boosts Irukandji onto the box to now spot a middle door or catwalk push, pictured below.

Note: All pictures can be clicked for the full size.






dboorN then falls back from his position in B-halls and rejoins his team, who slowly begins their way up catwalk led by Ninespot, who is walking upright followed by his team who are crouching behind him.  Hero is making his way down middle and throws a He-Grenade just before his teammates take catwalk.









The round starts with the entire team purchasing deagles, and then hero does his usual by spotting middle and lower B for any pushes.

Savi0r heads off towards Long A, spotting for any pushers in the area, as well as Irukandji does some additional middle and catwalk watching.

While this is going on, Ninespot and dboorN are in the B Halls spotting for any anxious pushers in that area as well.

Irukandji and savi0r begin their slow push on catwalk, while Ninespot, dboorN and hero (with bomb) make their way down into Lower B to meet up with their teammates in what appeared to be hopes of taking the bomb catwalk.








Note: If their deagle-save attempt fails, you may see an all-glock rush Long A in an attempt to overwhelm a pusher who may be without any backup at the time.



This round starts off like any other round really, Hero spots the middle area from Terrorist spawn as usual, and savi0r heads off towards Long-A to spot for any pushers. Irukandji and dboorN work their way through Upper B halls and down into Lower-B halls.  Ninespot is at the top of “catwalk” not visible to anyone who may be lurking CT Middle through the double doors.  He then smokes off the double doors. initiating the attack.








Once the team gets setup, and Irukandji gets out of Lower B Tunnels and up middle with Ninespot, and hero who are waiting on him, dboorN leaves his position in Upper-B halls to throw a flashbang on to catwalk, enabling his team to take control of the area.

Once they have control of catwalk, they will then throw a barrage of smokes and flashbangs into the A-bombsite, which forces the defensive counter-terrorist team retreat to safety and shield themselves from becoming blind, which allows compLexity access to the bombsite and take a strangle hold of the round.  Savi0r is still at the “long-A” doors, where after his team takes the “A-bombsite,” he rotates over to the top of “catwalk” to watch his teammates flank.








As a little twist to the Default Gun Round, you will see hero fall off of Catwalk and switching places with dboorN, who was watching Upper-B Halls.  Savi0r also leaving his normal spot Long-A, where he sits to watch a push usually to throw a flashbang over and into middle, allowing his three waiting teammates the opportunity to flash and push out of the middle-doorway.








Then if thing go according to plan here, they will regroup and take the bomb into the B-bombsite, a nice little curveball to the traditional catwalk approach.



Like most professional teams, CompLexity relies on controlling middle, where they can manuever to either bombsite fairly easily. My suggestion for their opponents is to take a solid position on catwalk and disrupt them as much as possible middle, as well as dealing a lot of damage with solid HE grenade use.






In this particular round you see Ninespot and Hero make their way down Long A, setting up a headstack at the corner in order for both players to get the same angle on the entrance of Long A Tunnels. At the beginning of the round, savi0r get a quick pick to Terrorist Spawn through Middle Double Doors with his usp, before finally making his way into the B-bombsite with Irukandji, spotting the Middle from the green box right under window.








While this is going on, Irukandji quickly makes his way into the B-bombsite setting up behind the tall brown boxes on the back of platform spotting for any kind of push from the Terrorist team in Upper B Halls. The remaining player for compLexity on this set up is dboorN. He takes the responsibility of playing close up on catwalk at the bottom of the steps by himself in the beginning of the round.








After a period of time passes by, Hero and Ninespot begin to fall back in order to assist dboorN in the A Bombsite.  Hero goes and immediately setups another headstack, this time with dboorN on catwalk, while Ninespot will spot the Long-A cross from the bottom of CT-Spawn ramp.  Savi0r then rotates out of the B Bombsite into the middle area to support his teammeates in the middle area.









This strategy appeared to be done based off of which spawns compLexity received.  Hero was closest to the B Bombsite in this photo, so he purchased a colt, and proceeded to enter and hold that bombsite by himself. Irukandji, and savi0r each purchase a famas, and they quickly head through middle-doors accompanied by Ninespot, who purchased a colt.  Their jobs here were to clear “Playground,” area outside of Long-A tunnels, and then the “dark halls” area, connecting T-spawn to middle. The last remaining for coL on this Anti Eco round is dboorn, who purchases a colt and heads down “Long-A” towards the tunnel, hoping to pinch any terrorist caught off guard by the sudden middle push from the other counter-terrorist.









Irukandji rushes straight towards the B bombsite and into the B Halls while hugging the right side of the wall, waiting for confirmation of any presence in the hallways.  After hearing someone in the halls, he then falls back into a safer area near the closet boxes.








Hero plays middle here, showing the opposition that there is one indeed middle door.  He then joins his teammate savi0r, who is just inside that same middle door behind the brown box, spotting for any terrorist who may push Lower B tunnels.







On the other side of the map, Ninespot and dboorN make their way up Long-A towards the A-tunnel.  They setup close to one another hoping for an easy kill that may peek his way out of the tunnel entrance.








Note here you may also see an alternate Eco Round from compLexity starting with one guy smoking the middle doorway.  The team then makes their way up towards the Pit area with one of their guys spotting the entrance of tunnels; the other three guys have their HE grenades primed. If nothing comes long after a certain amount of time, they make their way back towards catwalk with the same intentions of a HE Grenade stack.









This round starts off with dboorN, and Ninespot heading up Long A, which we have already seen for the first few rounds.  After a few seconds have passed you see them throw their He-Grenades into the A-tunnels, again showing the opposition that there are two counter-terrorist pushed up Long-A.








After this little display of teamwork takes place, dboorN works his way back down towards the A Bombsite where he will assist Hero with catwalk, and then Ninespot will take his normal position into the Pit area. While these two guys are holding down Long-A, Hero is the man who holds any cat-walk pushes in the beginning of the round.  Spotting from the Long-A ramp up onto catwalk, Hero is looking to put his AWP to work early and often. Later in the round, Hero is reunited with dboorN, allowing him to drop to a position to cover catwalk and a possible middle push.




Savi0r starts the round off with a well placed smoke grenade through the middle door, blocking any visual from the Terrorist point of view.  Afterwards, he falls back into the CT spawn area, watching any middle push from the darkspot.








Irukandji leaves spawn and immediately heads towards the B Bombsite.  There he throws a smoke grenade into the B Halls and starts to do a little spamming, on occassion. From there he falls back into a much safer position, spotting the entrance of B Halls for any indication of a Terrorist presence.








An alternate setup to their Default Gun Round you might see Hero spotting Long A with his AWP while Ninespot gives savi0r a boost on the tall-green box in CT Spawn.  DboorN does his usually thing on the A-Platform, while Ninespot makes his way down Long A and into his usually pit area.  Irukandji is usually found behind the same tall green box inside of the B Bombsite.














CompLexity is very defensive middle, which is surprising to me because of it's importance in the map. After their early anti eco rounds, they hardly push there and rely on solid retakes and individual skill. Long A usually appears closed due to coL placing at least one or more likely two guys there. If a team plans on beating coL, they need to have solid takes of the B Bombsite, which will limit Irukandji and a very solid catwalk take.

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quote#1 US Web 03/07/2009 - 17:24:24
Looking good, looking good! Let's see some more of these in the future.

quote#2 US peawok 03/07/2009 - 17:55:24
Easily one of the best things posted on IE in our 6 month history. Best way to start off the second half of our first year.

quote#3 US soxious 03/07/2009 - 18:51:39
Turned out well If I say so myself, more of these will be on the way. =]

quote#4 US fns* 03/07/2009 - 23:56:20
Good stuff !

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