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EG vs. coL Tonight

With the newest addition of evolution, compLexity is now stronger than ever proving their talent versus Sway Gaming, beating them on train 16-1. But now begins the real task, beating EG once again.

EG enters today  with a win and a lost yesterday from team 00 (iDemise). It’s unsure who will start for EG, but if Warden plays this is no doubt the match you can't miss, since both teams want this win.

compLexity modified their strategy with evolution being the new primary AWPer. We will have to see how this will affect compLexity. De_dust2 was the same map that EG lost to coL so we’ll see if EG strengthened their gameplay and strats.

View all the matches here.

Fujita 5 is the type of team that you wonder how the hell are they in the invite division. Beside their 2-11 record, however, is a lot of individual talent. They don't really seem like a team that has much chemistry and they stated before that all they are doing is pugging the season out.

On the other hand, their opponent eMazing gaming -- formerly known as Ruins -- is looking to bounce back from a loss to 00, but they shouldn’t worry too much because this should be an easy win for them as they are a team that has chemistry and great communication.

Area-51 Gaming is never favored to win a match it seems, except maybe versus Fujita 5, but their long dream of a winning streak will never happen because BACK2BACK (Grid05) is burning up everything in their way as it seems.

Area 51 has everything but consistency; Jame^s, for example, is either on or he’s off.

As for BACK2BACK they are putting time into this game, making it a pretty decent season and getting a win tonight will put a big smile on their face.

Dynasty isn't a bad team, even though their roster gets bigger by the week it seems as they won't go down without a fight. They could really upset 00 today and come out with a win, but it is very unlikely.

00 beating EG on de_train yesterday and showed what they are capable of in this map, so unless Dynasty come really prepared and ready for 00's strategy, 00 should come out on-top.

The matches begin at 10PM Eastern time tonight.

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