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ESEA Release de_lite

ESEA -- ESEA has released their first public beta map, de_lite.

Several months ago, ESEA announced that a map making team, led by Ted "cashed" McIlwain with support of America's best players and SK Gaming.

After months of work and teaser screenshots, de_lite, ESEAs first creation, has been released in a public beta form.

Created by Ted "cashed" McIlwain in cooperation with top American players and SK Gaming, de_lite may be added in for the next season and ESEA is looking for people to help with the beta by posting errors in this thread.

I took a few minutes to run around the map and I found that it is very flanking heavy, meaning there will be aggression from both teams throughout a match hoping to secure easy flanks. Rotations seem fairly solid, but like any other map, need to be completed quickly.  To start, the map will likely remain heavily Terrorist sided.

ESEA players have seemed fairly optimistic.

"Amazing peak spots. Amazing flank opportunities. And it's not too big. Perfect for competitive CS play," said one ESEA user.

"I like the chokepoints for both bombsites," another user said.

There has been some criticism, mostly along the lines of it being Terrorist sided and the AWP positions being a waste.

Peachie of Area51 Gaming had a number of complaints for the map.

"Most of the angles favor the terrorists if you just play "hold-your-spot-strike" so an aggressive CT-side is needed to really get a handle on executions," he said. "Kind of have to learn map timings for that to work. Awping is kind of pointless because everything that an awper can do by himself can be countered with a simple flash or just pressure from one of the MANY, MANY options that the t's have. Just easy to lose money... Rotations are long from polar opposite ends of the map...I can't even think of a map to compare it to."

"As a T, the map is really, really fun. Spamming is really easy, and I don't even know the map really well, multiple kills through walls. Even rushing is fun because there's areas to clear but all the angles are in your favor."

You can download the map here.

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quote#1 US PuttsMoBilesiCit 08/07/2009 - 12:16:16
The map is the best thing i have ever played on.

ESEA did a fantastic job

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