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CEVO Professional Preview

CEVO – Justin ‘Web’ Haynes previews the CEVO 1.6 Professional Season.

In seasons past, the best teams in North America within CEVO's professional division have been consistently leaving their mark, and we can expect similar results this time around.

The CompLexity Syndicate has more than proved their worth in online competition, taking first place last season under the name x3o, but there are other strong contenders to consider, including Team EG. Many of the players with Evil Geniuses once played for CompLexity, and are performing very well under Alex Garfield and EG’s direction.

Don’t be fooled, however. Stepping up to the plate are some teams that could upset the EG vs. CompLexity final scenario. Teams like Gravitas, 00 and eMazing Gaming all pose threats to the “perfect scenario”.

For those gamblers out there or those looking to prove that they are better than Nostradamus, I have compiled a preview for you as well as my personal predictions on the season.

Devious (9th-10th Place)

If you are thinking like me, you’re probably thinking “Who?” Well, I did some legit-proof research and they are some of the “mediocre” professionals. I haven’t heard of most of them and their experience is with teams like talent; the good, but not incredible teams back in the old days of 1.6.

Still, they found a way to go into overtime with 00 and dominated Area51 Gaming 16-3, so who knows? Maybe they’ll turn some heads.  I doubt you will see them in the playoffs, though. The team is too inexperienced and probably won't be able to compete with the top 5 or 6.

NoPression (9th-10th Place)

Like Devious, NoPression made their way through the Placement Tournament, losing in the third round to 00.  They have dominated ESEA Main and are currently 13-1 on the season.

However, CEVO Professional is certainly a step up for them and I can’t see them making playoffs. There are just so many talented teams ahead of them and their lack of experience at the top level will probably hit them in the face for the first few weeks.

Expect these guys somewhere near the bottom of the pack.

Dynasty (7th-8th Place)

Dynasty has been on the rise recently.  They found their way to the third round of the CEVO Placement tournament dropping 34 and Vortex along the way. They only lost 16-14 to eMazing Gaming, so they could certainly turn some heads this season.

With some familiar names, expect this team to perform well enough to be in the playoff race.  I don’t know if they will make it there, but they have the potential.

Back2back (7th-8th Place)

Back2back is a newcomer to the season but their players certainly aren’t new to the top teams. Names like Patyojon, Adrenaline, and Wilson all stand out and they could do some damage in the season.

It will be tough for them to win the season, however, especially since the team is relatively new. Can they place top three? I’m sure they and most would argue yes, but they will be hard pressed to beat out some of the other teams.

I’ll consider this team a dark horse team.  They may win a few games off EG or coL, but don’t expect them to win the event. They may turn a few heads if they make playoffs, though.

Gravitas Gaming (6th Place)

Gravitas Gaming has not had things going well for them at all. With the loss of goodfornothing – he has been traveling in Brazil for most of the season – they have been really held back.  Many consider him their best player, and his loss has been devastating to their record.

Even with him returning in a few days, he hasn’t played at all in over a month. I know I don’t expect him anywhere near the top of his game. A few early losses in CEVO is all it takes for a team to not make it at any level, so I’d be very cautious placing them in the top three.

It seems like the summer will be pretty dead for Gravitas.

Sway Gaming (5th Place)

Sway Gaming, mostly made up of former EG.ca players – in fact, their name is still EG.ca in CEVO – will likely be fighting for a playoff spot with the teams around them.  Their experience should edge them over other teams, but their inconsistency will likely lead them to only a mediocre placing for the season and an early exit in the playoffs.

Barring some meltdown by the other teams or an explosion by Sway, I can’t see them getting beyond a fourth place finish for the season. A 5-6th is more likely, in my opinion.

eMazing Gaming (4th Place)

eMazing Gaming, as Ruins, has been on the rise since the start of the ESEA season. They are currently 10-5 this season – best for third on the season at the moment – and their new addition of xp3 should help them out a lot in CEVO.

Top three? Possibly, but they certainly should make playoffs and anything shy of that will be an embarrassment to their ESEA record, at least currently.

One thing to note, of course, is that they haven’t won against CompLexity and EG in ESEA, so the playoffs will be a much more determining factor on just how good eMg is.

00 (3rd Place)

00, formally known as iDemise before arguments with the parent organization, is one of those teams that are hard to get a grasp on. With some of the league’s best on the team, they are certainly one of the favorites for the event; however, they haven’t won an event recently, even after placing well in most of the ones they have competed in.

Taking that into consideration, you need to place them high in your brackets but I’d be careful picking them as the favorites for the season.

For most, they should place somewhere around top three, give or take a spot. Unless they do well in the playoffs and get on a win streak, expect them to place somewhere in the good-but-not-great category.

EG.usa (1st-2nd Place)

If EG isn’t one of your favorites, well, they should be. They have done very well online and are playing against the Europeans on LAN, which has to amount for something, I suppose.

Simply put, if this team isn’t in your top two I am very concerned for you. These guys are – whether you like it or not – America’s team, both as representation internationally and as a top team nationally.

EG should have no trouble making top three.  I doubt they are the team that gets “fluked” in the playoffs, but they could easily lose in the finals to one of the underdog teams or to one of the big boys.

CompLexity (1st-2nd Place)

Easily the favorites for the event, CompLexity will be looking to smash their opponents early and often.  If their current ESEA standing is anything to go on, they’ll be dominating the competition straight to the playoffs.

The bigger question is whether or not they can win there.

They can and should, especially with the LAN environment that no other team enjoys. However, if they go up against someone like EG they are no sure shot. Even as the best, they could be off come finals night.

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