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INSIDER ESPORTS -- David Kim talks about money and the professional status being the only reason to play games anymore.
By: David “tehkorean” Kim
All opinions expressed are David Kim's alone, and all that jazz.

Recently Get_Right of team Fnatic said in an interview his opinion on professional Counter Strike.

He had this to say, “But if you still play the game for the money I don’t think you should really play the game anymore.”

You know my eyes were really opened by Get_Right when he said this. I looked back at my reasoning for playing Counter Strike every single time I had a spare minute. For I have literally spent practically four years of my life on this game, and I thought to myself what really is my reason for playing Counter Strike? Is it just for the fun of it or is it because I’m stuck in that wild dream of becoming a professional gamer. I think it really falls into the category of your own personal reasons for gaming.

I also realized that there are many people who are just playing video games for the money involved in it. I take for perfect example Storm of Team EG. In this video, he says that “if it wasn’t for the money, I probably would’ve moved on by now.”

Now I can fully understand that Storm would want money or need it for his own life, but is there really a point playing a game when you’ve lost the passion for it?

I’m not in anyway dissing Storm, I actually think he’s a great guy and is a great player as well, but many people are criticizing EG for their lack of wins in the international scene and also for their controversial attending of international events. Maybe it’s just because many of their players has lost the passion in playing Counter Strike just for the fun of it and are just still in it for the money.

It’s bound to happen as many of EG’s players have been playing Counter Strike since the very early days of it’s creation except for maybe n0thing. However, despite all of this I still believe that EG is a great team and will do great representing the United States in the future.

Whether all of us are playing our game for the fun of it or for the dream of becoming a professional gamer, I believe we should all look back on our very own reasons for gaming. Are we playing because we have an incredible passion for our game or is it just because it’s become routine and we’ve lost that fire to keep on playing?

I’ve noticed that whenever I and my teammates are playing Counter Strike and are goofing around we just seem to play better somehow. I can’t explain why it works like that, but like I’ve said maybe it’s because we’re actually having fun playing Counter Strike and not having to worry about calling strategies or holding onto our mice with a severe grip to make sure we pull off that one shot. The added pressure of pulling off that shot or having being yelled at by my teammates for doing something stupid to me at least feels routine and makes my whole experience just not fun.

I think gamers should really look back at our reasoning for gaming, and wonder why we’re playing games. Is it for the fun of it or is it just because we want to obtain a material wealth from playing?

I hope that many of you understand that I highly encourage people to try and making a living out of gaming, but also realize that if that becomes your only reason to play something that originally was made to give you the player enjoyment than just maybe your skills will suffer because of that.


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