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Name: Michael Fleming
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Peawok Update 7/1/09

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Michael Fleming updates everyone on his life and what has been going on in the past week.

Yeah, so I've made my blog a little more "official" than the rest of them, with an image and everything attached. Pretty fun, if you ask me.

Anyway, I went to my girlfriends this past weekend, so IE work was fairly dry throughout the weekend. I just answered some emails and checked the site to make sure everything was okay on it.

My girlfriends house was pretty fun, except for her dog, who was intent on sleeping with me. I have really bad allergies, so being that up close and personal with the dog was... well, not fun.

I had a good time though.

The best part was the train ride home, however. Around Downingtown, a kid tried to hope on the train when it was already starting to move. We were probably only at 15 MPH or so, but I have never felt a trains emergency brakes.

We stopped in literally a millisecond, but thankfully he wasn't hurt. Then again, he did continue to text all throughout the ride (another hour or so), so hearing Soulja boy go off at least 23 times made me quite annoyed. And a little gangster.

Anyway, I'm back and now's time to go heavy on IE. This weekend, we should have the Version 2 design 100%, and that means all the subpages, etc. I also have been working on the legal pages (privacy, terms of use, etc), while coding on the side. Will I code the website? Don't get your hopes up, but maybe I'll do a blog page that is linked on the site or something in my personal user page.

When the design is finished, we may reveal it to the public.

Even if we don't, though, we have a lot of good features on the way for Version 1. I am finalizing a CompLexity on de_dust2 playbook right now. The formatting is pretty annoying, though.

Anyway, this has gotten much longer than I anticipated, but, as always, great things are going on and are continuing to come in Insider eSports. July will be a true test time, as we prepare for Version 2 and continue to improve this website.

Our goals are the same; to provide you with unparalleled coverage in eSports. I think we are coming closer, so I hope you continue to visit.

One more final note: I'm trying to think of contests to hold. Is there anything you guys would like in a contest?

Thanks for reading,


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