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The Fight for the Fourth Seed Continues in ESEA

ESEA – The playoff picture is still a little hazy as a fight for the fourth seed continues.

Last night marked the end of a month but the beginning of a playoff scramble.

Mike Gaming met up with Vitriolic NA on the classic de_cpl_mill. The match was somewhat close the first half when Mike Gaming lead 10-5 but they were just too much to handle for Vitriolic. Mike Gaming went on victorious by a score of 16-7. Mustang did work for Mike Gaming as he led the way with 31 frags.

That was the only real match of the night. X3o received a forfeit win against MDLLAG as they have seemed to call it quits on their season. There has yet to be an official score for the Keyboard Smashers and the Push Gaming match but one would assume KBS would also receive a forfeit win due to Push’s departure.

More info on tonight’s matches can be found here.

Three matches are scheduled to get underway tonight.

The first match is between Eximius and MDLLAG. As it stands now neither team is going to qualify for playoffs, but I have seen crazier things in my time. It would not surprise me if Eximius received a forfeit win from MDLLAG tonight as they have forfeited two games in a row.

The second match of the night is Eximius against Team Dynamic. This is huge for both teams especially if Eximius does receive a win against MDLLAG. Eximius is one of the most experienced teams in Source and I can’t imagine them not making a run at the playoffs. However, adreN and company have other plans as they too are trying to make a run at the playoffs.

The third and last match of the night is between Keyboard Smashers and Vitriolic NA. This is a big match for KBS as if they win that exults all of Eximius’s and Dynamic’s chance of making the playoffs as they are currently placed at the fourth seed. This should be an exciting match as two great awpers will go at it between DaZeD on Vitriolic and Ridic on KBS.

Many matches tonight will be exciting to watch as so much is riding on each one.

The standings are as follows: *Top 4 teams qualify for playoffs*
1.)    Mike Gaming (13-3)
2.)    X3O (11-3)
3.)    Vitriolic NA (9-6)
4.)    Keyboard Smashers (7-7)
5.)    Team Dynamic (7-7)
6.)    Eximius Sports (5-8)
7.)    MDLLAG (5-10)
8.)    Push Gaming (1-14)

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow the remaining season of ESEA CSS Invite.

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