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eMg Gaming vs. iDemise Tonight

ESEA -- Week 8 of ESEA features Newly Sponsored eMazing Gaming and iDemise matched up on de_dust2.

After huge success this season, eMazing Gaming face their first real test under new management tonight. To add to the excitement, they are battling it out on de_dust2 a map in which having all 5 players on the same page is a key element to success. Coming off a disappointing lose against Grid 05, millipede will have to gather his troops and be ready to go tonight.

Doing everything right this season, eMg’s opponent iDemise have demolished the opposition, picked up top players from other teams and only suffered two losses this season. Coming into their last match they had a nine match win streak which was broken by EG on de_inferno (16-5). This was surprising to everyone as many saw this match heavily favored toward iDemise.

It will be interesting to see what line up plays tonight but I expect to see zid locking down B and Rambo holding cat. This will be an action packed matched so be sure not to miss it.

Sway Gaming, still middle of the pack and currently 8-7 on the season, face off against struggling Area 51 Gaming, who are 4-10 on the season. Both teams have exceptionally skilled players that will most likely dictate how this match plays out.

adr and heller will need to step up big for Sway as the rest of their lineup rallies off of them. jame^s will have to do what some of us call “putting our try pants on” and frag his face off. Sway has been known to not close matches very well so if Area 51 can stick in it till the end they have a good shot at pulling off an upset tonight.

The matchup between Grid 05 and Dynasty is extremely lopsided in the favor of Grid 05. Grid has always been an inconsistent team playing poorly against weaker teams then stepping up big against the big dogs. They are coming off two big wins against Gravitas and eMazing which brought them out of the gutter and back into the playoffs race.

Dynasty has had a pug like team recently that does unorthodox things to hope to gain an advantage over their opponents. A map like de_dust2 is perfect for them because it allows you to be extremely aggressive or passive to throw your opponent off. While Grid have momentum on their side, Dynasty may have the cleverness. This should be a very interesting match and a very important one for Grid.

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