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iDemise vs. EG in ESEA Week 7 Tonight

ESEA -- ESEA Week 7 continues tonight as 10-1 iDemise goes up against the 8-1 EG.usa.

iDemise has their chance tonight as they are going up against one of America's best, EG.

EG has been performing well and is currently sitting at 8-1 on the season due to match delays because of LAN travel.  Still, though, they are performing incredibly. Their only loss came at the start of June to CompLexity.

iDemise has been dominating the competition. Their only loss -- to eMazing Gaming -- was over two months ago and they have been rolling their competition since then.  They haven't been as challenged as some of the other teams have been, so I'm sure they are looking to score a big win over EG tonight.

EG and iDemise will be playing in a double header tonight, with de_train being the first map followed by de_inferno.

More information can be found here.

The matches begins at 10PM EST, with the second match following immediately after the first.

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quote#1 US Scott- 01/07/2009 - 06:29:45
Great two matches, I was impressed by idemise after they took down EG 16-14 on train. After a close battle between the two, they played again, only this time, EG was the team to come out on top on inferno. Great performance by both. Was a good two matches to watch.

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