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Final Week of the ESEA Regular Season Underway

ESEA – Week 8 is set to go underway as many teams fight for playoff positioning.

It is crunch time for a few teams heading into the final week of the season and the map is de_cpl_mill. Mill will be an interesting map to watch these teams play on since many haven’t played the map in quite sometime since CAL was the only league that used it in the past.

A few teams will try and find an end of the year surge fighting for their playoff spots.

One of those teams is MDLLAG (old vitriolic) who is set to square off with x3o. This couldn’t get any worse for MDLLAG as they are facing a very hot streaking x3o team who is on a five game winning streak so you know they are full of confidence.

MDLLAG is now facing must win situations as they are in 7th place with a 5-9 record. I am actually going to give MDLLAG the advantage for this match as many of them contended in CAL more recently than the x3o roster so they are more familiar with the usage of the map than x3o, granted they put time into their strats.

More information can be found here.

The second match of the night is Cyber Revolution against Vitriolic NA. Both teams are currently streaking with Cyber on a four game winning streak and Vitriolic on a three game winning streak. Both teams are comfortably in playoff position so not as much pressure is on either team in this match. Still should be a very interesting and fun match to watch as both teams are currently playing at their best.

Keyboard Smashers will receive a forfeit win because Push Gaming is now dead. KBS will then advance to an 8-7 record.

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