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Detonator Joins MoB Gaming

NEW YORK, New York -- Shashi "detonator" Singh has joined MoB Gaming as their Quake Live player and will compete at QuakeCon 2009 in Grapevine, Texas.

Shingh, mostly known for his time with CompLexity and Evil Geniuses, has joined MoB Gaming as their Quake Live player.

"Of course, I'm very excited to be playing for MoB Gaming," Singh said. "I've been involved with eSports for quite a while now and at every event I've been to or heard about I've seen MoB Gaming represented by amazing teams who went on to finish among the top in their divisions. I'm glad to be given the opportunity to do the same."

MoB Gaming has never invested into Quake, but has finally committed with Singh as their first player.

Although still in beta, Quake Live has been on the rise, with companies like MLG, ESL, and Alienware all interested in the game.  Alienware had their most recent Quake Live event last Saturday, where Singh did not place as well as he hoped. He cited a lack of practice as the major reason.

"I've had some recent medical problems that really hindered my practice, but even with this the organization has been very nice and understanding."

Still, Singh is excited for the future.

"With more event organizors showing a renewed interest in the game, obviously that is leading to teams showing interest and picking up players to prepare. If everything keeps going in this direction, the game might just return to the eSports lime light. Still, it's a bit too early to get everyone's hopes up but Quake Live is definitely making its way back.", he said.

"Quakecon is coming up, which is THE Quake event of the year. I'm going to be bootcamping at the MoB Gaming LAN center in New Jersey later in July with Slasher, the famous Quake guru and Quake 2 pro, and Clampok, another top Quake player, for a few weeks."

QuakeCon is from August 13-16 at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas. More information can be found here.

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