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OSE League

OSE League

A few days ago I came across #OSEleague and was intrigued. I started talking with Bryan and he sent me some information on their newly formed league. From what I can tell so far it looks promising, and everyone should check out #OSEleague @irc.gamesurge.net for more information. Their LMS tourney is already in the works, so go check it out!

Here's what Bryan had to say about the league:

"Online Sports Entertainment League (OSE) is a new up and coming league for the community. We will be supporting games that the community wants, there will be a poll up on our site shortly so we can see exactly what games the community wants a league to support. We have a nicely sized staff, but applications to be an admin can still be put in through our website (www.oseleague.pro). We will be hosting a Last Man Standing (LMS) tournament that will take place this weekend, info will be in #OSEleague. There will be a tournament for Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Source, the rules vary a bit between the games so make sure you pay attention! Our site is going to be released on Friday, July 3rd, this is when registration for the league will also begin. We will be having multiple events throughout the league so you aren't bored while waiting for the next week of matches!"

Predictions? Comments? Sign up for the site and post your thoughts!

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