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Only three days with the organization eMg makes a roster change 

It's been three days since gotfrag announced that the new eMg  will be ruins, who had come up fast in the north American counter-strike world. Now today, gotfrag announced that David "Xp3" Garrido , formerly an all star of NSU and numerous teams in his native France, would be moving to the squad, after NSU has all but collapse onto itself. He will be their fifth for all up coming events, with the exception of WCG, including CEVOP and ESEA's LAN playoffs in Dallas Texas. Along with this news, long time teammate, Keith "keefers" Spies will be leaving the squad. 

During his tenure with NSU Garrido put up an astonishing .731 FPR and 80.4 ADR, something that was well above the rest of the 5 – 9 squad. However, as a native Frenchmen, his main language is French, which may lead to complications in communication with the rest of the team, and his main skill, awping, has already been filled by Sean "sgares" Gares. 

Insideresports asked eMg.cs manager  Thomas “Rasmus” Nabors about the addition and he said that “Xp3 brings to our team a wealth of experience and solid aim. He will be placed as a primary awp for us and help work with us on setups. He has already had some time to play with our guys and we like what we see so far so I definitely believe he will mesh well with our roster.” 

Also, Dustin "dizzaman" Dilyerd states that he brings “ His raw skill and experience for sure. His role on the team will be primary awper and he is also going to help sgares with ingame leading.” Finally when asked about how his communication he stated that “His english is really good actually, so I don't think that will be a problem at all to be honest.” 

It is unknown who will play in place of xp3in the WCG qualifiers in the up coming months. 

eMg's roster now stands as: 
Dustin "dizzaman" Dilyerd 
Chris "truls" Navratil 
Sean "sgares" Gares 
Alex "millipede" Abbott 
David "Xp3" Garrido

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