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ESEA Thursday, Week 7 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Another day, another prediction. Derek moves on to Thursday, Week 7.


fujiTa 5 (2-10) vs. North Stars United (4-8)

It's do or die time for NSU, as their playoff hopes are livin' on a prayer. Sitting one spot out of a playoff berth, the Canadian team needs to win out to have a realistic shot at the second season. Maxime "Parad1ss" Paradis and David "Xp3" Garrido really carried the load in NSU's defeat of Gravitas, and they'll need to do much of the same tonight. NSU should come into the match hungry like the wolf, especially against an opponent like fujiTa 5. Xp3 will need to set the tone with his AWP, and his teammates will have to follow suit, as shutting down teams as a Counter-Terrorist is a must on Train.

FujiTa 5 is coming off of a 16-9 loss at the hands of Sway. It was a decent effort by the ever morphing club, but it wasn't enough. Alex "lanhero" Suarez did everything he could to will his team to victory, but in the end it was another spoiled effort. His team now sits in dead last.

I expect solid play from NSU tonight, especially with Dynasty's 8th place standing within grasp. After such a disastrous start, could we actually see North Stars United in the LAN Finals. Only time will tell.

Doza's Prediciton: NSU > fujiTa 5  16-10.

Player to watch: David "Xp3" Garrido

North Stars United (4-8) vs. Area51 (3-10)

I put my faith into Area51 last night, and they made me look like a fool. Not tonight. Playing back-to-back games against weak opponents should equal two wins for NSU. If it plays out that way they will sit at 6-8, and right in the thick of the race.

Jame^s's team just really hasn't looked sharp on Train. Of course, their play in general has been rather shoddy, but something about this particular map makes them look even more "out of place."

Same song, different verse.

Doza's Prediction: NSU > a51  16-8.

Player to watch: Maxime "Parad1ss" Paradis

Dynasty (5-6) vs. Sway Gaming (6-7)

This will be the fourth match night in a row for Sway, as they look to even up the week with a win over Dynasty. After dismal performances against 00 and coL, Sway bounced back with a convincing victory over fujiTa. Of course it was fujiTa, and beating them is like breathing...basically automatic.

Dynasty played extremely well last week on Inferno. And even though the end result was a loss to eMazing Gaming, they can take a lot of positives out of the match. Since this contest is a make-up from last week, Dynasty will find themselves right back on the map with the banana hall.

I see them playing a very similar run-and-gun style tonight which could ultimately put Sway on the defensive. If Dynasty can be the initiator, they will win.

Doza's Prediction: Dynasty > Sway  16-12.

Player to watch: Demir "wrd" Decevic.

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Dynasty prediction = epic failz!

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