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ESEA Week 7 Continues Tonight

ESEA – Success has lead to the recent acquisition of Ruins with a sponsorship and a contract as we kick off Week 7 of ESEA-Invite.

Sway once again showed up without their “A” game last match getting trounced by coL 16-1. This team has great individual talent but lack of teamwork will not get you far in the Invite division. They are paired up against a team in a class below them fujiTa 5.  Currently 2-10 on the season and looking for a win to break their 5 match losing streak, things are looking downhill for this team.
De_train is the map tonight and I see Sway’s heller and adr having big match devastating their opponents from afar with awps. fujiTa 5 has little chance tonight unless they Ph0bius and lanhero play like beats and set their team up for success.

Our second matchup consists of two more struggling teams with a combined record of (7-15). Area 51 and Dynasty both have somewhat all star line up but as time has shown the all stars never win against teamwork. These teams can’t get there squads on the same page and will need to mix things up drastically next season in hopes of any results. mehLer and james^ are the key elements to a win tonight for 51 as they both excel on the train. A strong t side out of Dynasty will keep this one close in the end otherwise we may see a blow out as Area51 rolls with momentum very well.

Last but not least we have the biggest roster in the league (11) Grid 05 against the hottest team in the league eMazing Gaming. Grid came out swinging this season taking their first three matches like it was nobodys business.

They followed this by 6 straight losses and a shambled up roster. They made a complete 180 this season as they had seen after the first few weeks and are now wondering what went wrong.  There problem is easy, lack of commitment as a team along with a committed five players to represent and grow together. They just pug matches practically; giving mediocre effort will give you a mediocre record. They will have their hands full again former Ruins who were runners up in ESEA-Main last season and now ranked 3rd overall.

Their great teamwork and practice have landed them eMazing Gaming as there sponsor where they will now represent them online and LAN. This team has earned everything they have received and it shows all those up and rising team or even the struggling ones that you get what you put into it. These guys put all they got into it with a strict practice schedule and playing together to build chemistry daily really shows when it comes down to it. (10-3) is an astounding record. Train will be another stepping stone tonight as they rack up another win tonight as sgAres and KEEFERS will be displaying more amazing play/teamwork allowing their team to get the best seed come playoffs.

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