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IE Working with iGames in Alienware Arena Event

INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider eSports is pleased to announce that we will be working with iGames and CEVO in the Alienware Arena event.

Annouced about two weeks ago, the Alienware Arena event is a nationwide effort to produce a number of tournaments across various games and platforms, with the first event being an online tournament featuring Quake Live.

"I am happy that iGames selected us as their go to guys for news on the Alienware Arena event. It is an honor to work with one of the largest tournament organizers in the world," Michael Fleming, owner of Insider eSports said. "We will be working our hardest to keep up with their already intensive schedule."

This agreement means Insider eSports will be covering every event under the iGames Alienware Arena event list. The first event, a Quake Live online event, is this Saturday, June 27th. Full information for the event can be found here.

More information about iGames can be found here.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we continue to move through the summer, with plans growing bigger and better as time runs on.

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quote#1 US peawok 24/06/2009 - 19:20:45
I think our work with iGames will lead to a lot of promising stuff.

Oh, and they have been saying what they think on iev2 and potential game choices... to throw in some iev2 stuff! =]

quote#2 US AGar 25/06/2009 - 04:12:52
Good stuff!

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