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ESEA Wednesday, Week 7 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Derek Droze predictions tonight's matches.


fujiTa 5 (2-9) vs. Sway Gaming (5-7)

The winds are blowing again for fujiTa 5, and with them come a new team name. Fujita is a scale used to  determine tornado intensity, but as of now the 2-9 squad is failing to represent their own appellation. MoB didn’t work, and WE JUST PUGGIN was a failure, so they turned to Arctic Thugz. When improvement was still a figment of their imagination, members started dropping faster than the winds of a vicious tornado. And out of the dust rose fujiTa 5. 

I like to look at positives, and one very important plus is that fujiTa actually participated in their last two matches.  After three consecutive no-shows the twister boys stormed back with legit losses against EXCELLO-GRID05 and complexity. In fact, in their defeat to coL they put up a surprising 12 rounds, which might serve as a shining beacon of hope for the fans of MoB. Or was it aT? Damn. We’ll just have to wait to next week when another name change is imminent.  

Turning the tables a bit, Sway Gaming is coming off of two terrible matches in which they were defeated 16-7 and 16-1 by 00 and complexity respectively. With the ESEA LAN Playoffs just around the corner Sway needs to string together some wins to improve their standing. At this moment in time they sit only one game ahead of both Dynasty and NSU. Three teams biding for two playoff berths, and no one wants to be on the outside of the bubble. Thus, this turns into a must win for Sway.

Their Train looked horrible against coL, but it might be unfair to judge them on that performance. It was Evolution’s first match with the Syndacite…and all eyes were watching. Tonight I think we will see much better play out of Sway. Their outside hits need to be better coordinated, because one round on terrorist side isn’t going to cut it.

FujiTa has a chance to regain some respect against a decent opponent, however, until they prove they are capable of doing so…

Doza’s Prediction: Sway > fujiTa  16-10.
Player to watch: Wilson “ryennn” Ryan Chen


Dynasty (4-6) vs. Area51 (3-9)

Both teams are coming off of heartbreaking defeats. Dynasty battled eMg (formally RUINS) to a 16-14 score, and Area51 did much of the same against the number one coL.

Area51 is still the lone team to get 16-0’d this season, but it seems as if things are starting to turn around for Jame^s’s club. Often the punch line of the community’s jokes, Jame^s has led his team to back-to-back impressive outings. Before the aforementioned loss to complexity, Area51 routed EXCELLO-GRID05. They MUST play with this type of fire if they want to climb the standings.Realistically, A51 needs to sweep the table to have a shot at the ESEA LAN playoffs. However, even then they would need some help from other clubs.

Dynasty played very solid Counter-Strike against eMg last week. Demir “wrd” Decevic was fragging everything in his sight, and had a memorable 1v2 clutch to boot. With the bomb planted at B on Inferno, wrd ran down banana, all the way through mid, up jungle side, and through CT spawn to flank the unsuspecting terrorists. It was quality entertainment for all of those in HLTV.

I feel like throwing a curveball on this one. I don’t think either team is very consistent on Train so I’m going to go with an upset. Area51 will sneak by Dynasty, much to the dismay of all the Jame^s haters.

Doza’s Prediction:  Area51 > Dynasty  16-13.
Player to watch: Gavin “bane” Olson

eMazing Gaming (10-3) vs. EXCELLO-GRID05 (6-7)

Just when it looked like GRID05 was dead in the water they revived themselves with a win against Gravitas Gaming. Jon “HEPPLERiRL” Heppler was a menace with his awp, and Paul “pB_st” Baker pulled off an amazing eco round clutch. With an upcoming lull in their schedule, G5 will have a chance to gain some much needed ground.

After their swift start to the invite season, the RUINS squad has been picked up by eMazing Gaming. The team shocked many in climbing their way to the top of the division, trailing only complexity and 00 in the standings. In fact, coming into the night eMg is on a stellar 9-game win streak. Their run started on Train, and that is the map they will see tonight. Having swept the earlier set on the map, eMg will look to continue bulldozing through their opponents.

Sean “sgAres” Gares and Keith “KEEFERS” Spies will play essential roles with their AWP. Getting a quick pick can totally destroy a terrorist strat, and Train is a “pick friendly” map.

When all is said and done, I think this match is going to be VERY close. GRID05 impressed me with their play last night, and I think they will build some momentum off of the win. However, eMg will want to start their new organizational stint off on the right foot.

Upset specials tonight, as I’m going to pick G5 to shock eMg. I mean I picked A51 to win, might as well not stop there, right?

Doza’s Prediction: G5 > eMg  16-14.
Player to watch: Jon “HEPPLERiRL” Heppler

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