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ESEA Tuesday, Week 7 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Derek Droze predicts the second night of ESEA Week 7.

EXCELLO-GRID05 (5-7) vs. Gravitas Gaming (6-5)

If you are just tuning into the ESEA-I season, the division standings hold a plethora of surprises. One of the biggest shockers is how far Gravitas has fallen. This is a team many thought would compete for a season three title. Right now the only thing they are biding for is avoidance of complete embarrassment. Coming off of consecutive losses against coL and NSU, Gravitas needs to find a quick remedy for their woes. It almost seems as if they are in cruise control mode, waiting for the ESEA lan playoffs to bust out of their slump. However, if they keep this current pace, Texas is going to be the last place to break bad habits.

GRID05 fell off the chart long before tonight's rival. After storming out of the gates, the West Coast team has gone 2-7 in their last nine matches. Of those two wins, one was a forfeit and the other was a win over the team now calling themselves fujiTa 5, which is basically the equivalent of a forfeit win. Paul Baker seemed like he was going to be the next big talent, but his play has dwindled as his team has slipped in the standings.

The good news is that something has to give. One of these teams HAS to win tonight, and in this league one win can make all the difference. Both teams have looked rather putrid on train, so you can basically flip a coin to decide the winner. Looks like my coin landed on the Gravitas side of things.

Doza's Prediction: Gravitas > G5  16-13.

Player to watch: Ben "ben_st" Hui

compLexity (11-1) vs. Sway Gaming (5-6)

This match will showcase the Syndacite's new lineup. It's already the second time this season that their roster has been altered, however, the most current set of events are rather minor compared to what went down earlier in the year. Daid "savi0r" Park has been relegated to backup, while Scott "evolution" Cavallero jumps into the starting role. The team will not only have to make adjustments in-game, but with Evolution moving into the coL house, outside of counter-strike as well.

De_train suits well for compLexity's new member, as he is notorious for being deadly with an AWP. He may be able to make a formidable impression right from the get go if he's allowed to see down the maps long lanes. Complexity Evolution begins tonight.

Sway is coming off of a crushing defeat against 00. I said that they would be a desperate team last night, but unfortunately for them, they didn't play desperate enough. The loss puts even more emphasis on tonight's match, as Sway needs as many "W's" as they can get. With coL's lineup juggling they might have a decent shot at an upset. Alas, this is still Sway vs. coL. Pretty straight forward if you ask me.

Doza's Prediction: coL > Sway  16-11.

Player to watch: Scott "evolution" Cavallero

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