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Week 7.1 Continues with Back to Back Matches Tonight

ESEA – Vitriolic of new and the Vitriolic of old clash tonight while KBS tries to extend their winning streak to three games.

The first match of the night is Team Dynamic up against Keyboard Smashers.

Team Dynamic is coming off of a huge win against Mindscape last night by a score of 16-5. Nosey led the way for Dynamic with 26 frags and 12 deaths.

On the very balanced map of de_contra, Dynamic just dominated Mindscape in all aspects of the match. Dynamic will try and repeat their success tonight against Keyboard Smashers.

Keyboard Smashers look new and improved ever since the addition of Ridic. But it has been the phenomenal play of Glockateer that has been paving the way for KBS.

Glockateer is coming off of a 37 frag performance against Push Gaming last week which resulted in a 16-10 win. KBS is currently riding a two game winning streak and look to extend it tonight. Look for tonight’s match of KBS and Dynamic to be a very good and tight match.

The second match of the night is former Vitriolic team now known as MDLLAG up against former Cyber Revolution team who is now the new Vitriolic NA. Just another example of the twist and turns this ESEA season has encountered thus far.

MDLLAG has an entirely new make up and roster and look very inexperienced with much young talent. They forfeited their last match against Team Dynamic so it is in the air whether or not they will play tonight. If they do play tonight they will have to rely on the core roster of kB, fractured, and naught to lead the way.

Vitriolic on the other hand has some great veteran experience on their team especially with the addition of shaffeR and tck who carried the Vitriolic sponsorship over to the roster. Vitriolic is coming off of an overtime win against Mindscape 21-16 in which DaZeD lead the way with an amazing stat of 41 frags.

MDLLAG will have to pull out all of the tricks up their sleeves tonight if they want to win this one. A classic battle of young underdog talent up against the experienced favored veterans.  A little bit of e-drama will be adding fuel to the fire with former teammates going at it. This match should be an interesting one to watch but look for it to be lopsided in Vitriolic’s favor.

For more information on tonights match visit here.

Make sure to stay tuned into Insider eSports as we cover the ESEA CSS Invite League.

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quote#1 US RedruM 24/06/2009 - 12:01:41
typo it was not nose that top fragged it was demonic*

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