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mTw, Oldschool Reborn to WGT Titans League

WGTour.com - mTw 360° Gaming and Oldschool Reborn win in the qualifier tournament, make their way on to the inaugural season of the WGT Titans League.

Two weeks ago, 8 teams began their journey to try and qualify for the WGT Titans League, a new league featuring 8 invited teams and two qualifier teams from a qualifying tournament. Teams such as BW Gaming, Evil Geniuses and International Federation of Untouchables were among the 8 trying to qualify for the main league, which sports names like Templars of Twilight and ESC.ICY-BOX. However, after the dust settled, two rather unlikely contenders emerged for the league.

 mTw 360° Gaming overcame Neo Roxor Team 3-0 amidst much controversy about both maps and also about a leave of absence by one of the NrT players. In the end though, the dispute was settled (from an administrator's standpoint) and mTw recieved the victory.

 Oldschool Reborn had it much easier, crushing NrG 4-1 in a stunning display of power. They will move on without any hitches.

 The first play day for the Titans League is this coming Sunday, June 28th, and it will run for 9 weeks, with a two week playoff bracket after that. With top teams such as ESC, ToT and RoX, you don't want to miss this league.


Source: WGTour


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