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iDemise vs. Sway for ESEA Tonight

ESEA - iDemise faces off against Sway Gaming on de_inferno tonight.

iDemise has been among the elites for some time now but this season they have really shown their shine with an impressive (9-1) record this season.

Not only do they have an extremely solid starting five, but they have backups in zid and Rambo, who would start on nearly any other team. This team is headed in the right direction but it is crucial that they start doing it on LAN as they will earn more respect, publicity and sponsorships.

Sway Gaming has met their names requirement, sitting in 6th place (5-5) on the season they have either won big or lost big. I have a lot of aspirations for this team in the future, once they learn how to play consistently well together.

This match is big for both teams as a win will put iDemise in second place and a win for Sway will put them tied with Gravitas Gaming in fifth place.

Will Sway bring there “A” game tonight and devastate iDemise or will they lose big as they have before?

Only time will tell, good luck both teams.

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