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ESEA Monday, Week 7 Predictions

ESEA - With the 7th week of ESEA-Invite on the horizon, a carryover from week 6 will kick off the action.

00 (9-1) vs. Sway Gaming (5-5)

Sway has reached a critical juncture in their invite season. Their playoff hopes hang in the balance of each and every match, where one frag can make the ultimate difference. Desperation is a scary quality to have, but Sway is going to have to be a lot more than a desperate team to get to the coveted second season. With tonight's opponent 00, and tomorrow's matchup with coL, the schedule makers are showing no sympathy.

00 is seemingly in cruise control mode. They have barely broken a sweat since the acquisition of David "zid" Chin, rolling over every team that has stood in their wake. That even includes a dominant victory over the number one ranked compLexity. Their strats seem to be hitting on all cylinders, and their rifling is just on another level at this moment in time. Coming into the night 00 has won seven straight, and it's going to take a rapid decline in their play for the streak to be considered "a thing of the past."

Like I said before, Sway is going to put everything on the line in this match. They have to. Unfortunately, I don't see even a possessed Sway team beating 00 right now. Even though Steno's team last saw defeat on de_inferno, that was in the pre-Zid era.

It will be eight straight for 00.

Doza's Predicition: 00 > Sway 16-8

Player to watch: Joe "spyro" Perez

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