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Pick Who ToT)ret( plays!

SCForAll.com - Artosis and SCForAll invite you to help choose who Jos "ret" de Kroon will play next in his quest vs. eSTRO.

   Just this past Friday, Jos "ret" de Kroon began part of a series of showmatches dubbed "ToT)ret( vs. eSTRO" in which Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski would organize a series of showmatches between de Kroon and players on the eSTRO professional gaming team. Friday's match between de Kroon and eSTRO B-team Zerg Hwata[saM] showed just how good Korean professionals are in comparison to foreign players, but that doesn't mean things are over. SCForAll wants your help in deciding who de Kroon will play next. Simply go to this page and let them know who you want him to play and what maps. There are only two conditions for this showmatch: it has to be vs. a Protoss, and one of the maps can not be Neo Medusa.

 Unfortunately, the match will be during the Korean afternoon and the European morning, killing the East coast American viewers. The events time is 3 AM EST on Saturday, June 27th. Stemkoski will be streaming live at http://www.livestream.com/artosis

The VODs vs. eSTRO's Hwata[saM] are here, just click on "On Demand"

Source: SCForALL

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