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Complexity Announces PureTrak LMS Tournament

DALLAS, TX – CompLexity has announced the PureTrak Last Man Standing Tournament taking place Monday evening.

Only a day after announcing that they would be holding a summer LAN event at GameFrog in Charlotte, North Carolina, CompLexity has announced that they will also be hosting a event much closer to now, the Puretrak Last Man Standing tournament tomorrow evening.

This event will coincide with PureTrak's launch of the Complexity mouse pad, which has been long in the making and highly anticipated by fans.

Event details below:

This Monday The Syndicate will be holding a Last-Man-Standing contest where the winner will receive the new coL Pad from PureTrak. The LMS will be held on a 32 player server and will include some players from the Counter-Strike team. Below are the details of the event.

Prize:Last man standing receives one (1) coL Pad
Time & Date:10:30PM EST on Monday, June 22nd
Server info:TBA

After the admins are in place (in spectator mode), everyone will be assigned $16,000 and the round time will be set to it's highest possible setting.

Now, this is where the fun starts. The admins will then start the tournament by executing a script which will restart the round 3 times. On the 3rd restart, everything will be live. At that point, each side battles each other to try and eliminate as many people as you can without getting killed yourself.

Now, as this is a LAST MAN STANDING tournament, once you die, you will be KICKED from the server. This process will be repeated until there is only 1 person left standing in the server... hence the name.

If the Terrorists are able to plant the bomb and it explodes, the Terrorists will eliminate all of the Counter-Terrorists. If the Terrorists are able to plant the bomb and the Counter-Terrorists are able to defuse it, the Terrorists will then be eliminated.

The breakdown:

-30 players (15 vs 15 with 2 coL players per team)
-Everyone starts with $16,000
-Round time set to 10 minutes
-Objectives do not count
-All guns enabled
How to play
Monday evening (EST) we're going to post the name of a coL Staffer via the compLexity Twitter.  The first 26 people to message that staffer in #compLexity will get the server information.

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