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ESEA CS:S Week 6 On De_Train Tonight

ESEA – Keyboard Smashers look to continue their great play as Cyber Rev looks to stop their losing streak.

ESEA Invite looks to end Week 6 on de_train with two matches that are crucial to all teams.

The first match is Push Gaming vs. Keyboard Smashers. Granted that Push Gaming doesn’t forfeit another match, they will look to end their five game losing streak and try to earn their second win of the season.

On the other hand we have Keyboard Smashers, who look new and improved ever since the addition of the great AWPer Ridic. In their last three matches they’ve gone 2-1 with a sure sign of improvement. They beat Vitriolic 21-18 in two overtimes, lost to x3o by a close score of 16-14, and are fresh off a win against Absolution in two overtimes by a score of 21-17.

The second match of the night is Absolution against Cyber Revolution.  Within a blink of the eye, Cyber Rev went to being a CSS powerhouse to a mediocre team. With the losses of p0s and xperience they have gone on a three game losing streak.

They have picked up shaffeR and tck to try and replace the play of p0s and xperience. Absolution has done the complete opposite. With a few roster changes they have now become a Devastation reform.

It is clear they are a lot more comfortable with their roster now then they were before as they have gone 2-1 in the last 3 games, much likes Keyboard Smashers. It is clear that some of the old chemistry amongst some of the players still exists.

Match information can be found here.

(It is to be noted that Cyber Rev is now the new Vitriolic and Absolution is now known as Mindscape.)

Look for a lot of twists and turns throughout the rest of the ESEA season as well as some more roster changes. Look for the new and improved teams of Keyboard Smashers and Absolution to put together a string of wins and perhaps some few upsets heading into playoffs.

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