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Two Doubleheaders as Week 6 Continues Tonight

ESEA - Week 6 of ESEA features Ruins and NSU in double headers along with and personal favorite EG coming off a strong 4th place finish at DreamHack Summer in Sweden.

After two forfeit wins, North Stars United literally united last match, taking down Grid 05 for their first non-forfeit win of the season. This team has a lot of talent and just need to learn how to use it properly. sKz is a monster at banana so I would advise Ruins from even contesting that site or things may turn out badly. Ruins are very well organized so if they can show patience and work picks I don’t see this being much of a match.

If NSU can get a 10-5 half score or higher ct side they may have a chance but it is not likely. Dizzaman and Sgares will be holding middle together and I don’t anticipate anything but high frag totals and success out of this duo.

In the second match of the night we see Ruins facing Dynasty on de_inferno. Ruins hopes to double up on wins tonight move them into third place in the standings. Dynasty has been just short on several matches this season missing on key element; a top fragger.

Let’s see if recent addition chE can be the difference maker tonight or the turmoil as he was on when playing for MoB.

View all the matches here.

I hyped the name Gravitas from the beginning of the season as one of the elite teams in the Invite division. However, to my dismay they have still seemingly failed to show success online like they have on LAN, in part likely because of goodfornothing’s vacation to Brazil or wherever.

Coming off an embarrassing loss to coL, they hope to bounce back into the playoff race tonight against NSU. I see them coming into this match up hardnosed and ready to throttle their opposition. NSU will need to pull more than a few trick rabbits out of the hat to even contend tonight.

A will be Gravitas’s site of choice as this will make sKz less threatening along with a much higher chance of success against NSU’s weaker players.

With a full 360 to their roster, I feel this was the best decision for Actic Thugz (former MoB) as it clearly was not working out for them. chE, evolution and Nepo- are three notable names no longer with the team which hurts them losing a lot of talent but might help by getting rid of their cocky attitudes and ability to come to agreements with a sponsor.

This new roster almost took down the beloved coL yesterday only losing (16-12) on de_inferno, a map that coL has been known to trounce teams on.

I see Arctic getting a new name soon to match their new roster and have high aspirations for this team in the future if they continue to put the necessary time in. An unfavorable start match up wise for aT as they faced coL in their first match and now Evil Genius is not ideal for any newly formed team.

Evil Genius better not under estimate aT or they may be caught with their pants down and suffering their second loss of the season.  Arctic has the advantage in the scouting game with several hundreds of demos of EG players on inferno.

EG will strong play out of Warden and at the B site along a monster match out of fRoD arch side middle if they want to be successful tonight.

This will be an exciting match and I look forward to watching this to see how it plays out.

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quote#1 US peawok 18/06/2009 - 16:15:02
Good preview.

quote#2 US Domey 18/06/2009 - 23:23:17
thx guy

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