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Ret over DIMAGA in Dreamhack StarCraft Finals

Jönköping, Sweden - Jos "ToT)ret(" de Kroon has captured the Dreamhack Summer 2009 StarCraft title.


Pre-match favorite Jos "ToT)ret(" de Kroon, the Zerg, although he played Terran in the finals due to his avoidance of ZvZ, from Netherlands who is now widely considered the best player outside of Korea, has won the Dreamhack Summer 2009 StarCraft finals over Dmitry "RoX.DIMAGA" Filipchuk, with a score of 3-1. de Kroon, who is well-known for his play, has now won or placed highly in several recent foreign tournaments, including winning the GameOutLoud Invitational and advancing to the top 8 in the ESL Major Series and the GOMTV sponsored Valor tournament as well.

 Filipchuck, a Ukranian Zerg, couldn't seem to get his groove against de Kroon who took the first two games with relative ease. He managed to steal the third game on Sin Chupung-Ryeong, but it was downhill from there as de Kroon managed to seal the deal on the Terran friendly Destination. Filipchuck has been making a name for himself as well, making the top 32 for Valor.

Withthe victory, de Kroon won 20,000 SEK (a little over $2,500), a Tritton AX Pro headset, a Mionix Saiph 3200 gaming mouse and Tritton earbuds. Filipchuck recieved 10,000 SEK (about $1,275) and the same hardware. Other placing finishers included: Dmitriy "RoX.A2" Demichev in 3rd, Mattias "ToT)Naugrim(" Ottosson in 4th, and Pavel "RoX.BRAT_OK" Kuznecov in 5th. The three players rounding out the top 8 were Grzegorz "ESC.Dreiven" Kordek, Tobias "BW-datoby" Lundgren and Tobias "BW-ZpuX" Nilsson.


Source: GosuGamers.net




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