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ESEA Week 6 Starts Tonight

ESEA - ESEA Week 6 in Counter-Strike Invite features Evil Genius against iDemise and two forfeits.

Gravitas and Grid05 have received a forfeit win tonight.

Complexity is matched up against Arctic Thugz tonight on de_inferno. I don’t see the Thugz having much of a chance against Complexity. Not only is coL far superior to them they are also on LAN together for matches which makes things go in there favor even more. Arctic has no chance to make the playoffs so there just playing for some pride and respect if there is any left to earn.

Struggling North Star United will be battling it out against a main team making a name for themselves in the invite division Ruins. Ruins have been showing that they belong and I don’t see anything changing in this match up. NSU needs to go to the drawing board as they play out and plan there changes come next season.

View the matches here.

Both team only suffering one loss this season this match up should be a great show. EG will need a strong AWP out of fRoD right might to lock down the A site. Expect Warden and n0thing to top frag locking down Banana. iDemise is a very organized team with well thought out strats, anticipate a exciting match going back and forth the whole time. I see this coming down to the very end with a spectacular finish.

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quote#1 US peawok 16/06/2009 - 18:28:45
Good luck, teams.

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