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ESEA Tuesday, Week 6 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Doza predicts two Week 6 matches scheduled for tonight.


CompLexity (8-1) vs. Arctic Thugz (2-8)

Last week, in a shocker, aT actually played a match! After three consecutive forfeit losses, the plummeting team showed up for a change. However, the result didn't vary all that much from their signature 16-0 losses. Grid05, a team struggling in their own right, had no sympathy for aT's recess, absolutely crushing them 16-5 on Nuke.

This weeks map is inferno, and the schedule reads compLexity. It might as well read loss. CoL is one of the strongest teams in the invite division. They are the complete package. From the sharp and accurate AWP of Jeff "hero" Mettetal to the consistent rifling of Derek "dboorN" Boorn, this team has it all. Add on the solid leadership skills of Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman and you have a squad dancing on the cusp of great things.

If aT shows up tonight, it will get ugly. They might as well take the 16-0 forfeit and save themselves the shame of a similar tally.

Doza's Prediction: coL > aT 16-1

Player to watch: Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman

North Stars United (3-7) vs. Ruins (7-3)

Tonights match of the night features NSU vs. Ruins.

Dustin "DIZZAMAN" Dilyerd recently said that Sean "SGARES" Gares is the best in game leader he's ever played with. The rest of Ruins is playing like they believe in that as well. It is truly impressive what they have done. Pure hard work has given them a 7-3 record and a 4th place standing. If you watch their game-play, you see a team completely in sync, and that is a must at this level of competition.

NSU, on the other hand, has the opposite record. They have been playing decent counter-strike, but just can't seem to find the breaks. A thrilling OT win against Grid05 might just be the shot in the veins that NSU needs. They have the talent, now they just need to put it all together.

Honestly, I almost want to say NSU in this match. Ruins hot streak, however, has deferred that decision. Ruins will win their seventh straight tonight.

Doza's prediction: Ruins > NSU 16-14

Player to watch: Garrido "Xp3" David - even in a losing effort.

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