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LemonDogs over SK in DreamHack Final

DREAMHACK, Sweden - Lemondogs claim their first international tournament win over prestigious SK-Gaming in the DreamHack Summer Finals.

Lemondogs – featuring two of fnatic's finest, GeT_RiGhT and GuX – have claimed the top spot at DreamHack Summer over one of Sweden’s best, SK-Gaming in a 2-1 Grand Final.

It took all three games to get there, going 2–1 for lemondogs, after a rather embarrassing loss on de_nuke, 16-10, SK fought back taking game two on de_train, making it an even battle field going into game three.

The final game took place on de_dust2, and after an impressive 12–3 half by SK, their momentum was stopped by lemondogs, who came all the way back to claim the title, winning it all 19–16 in overtime.

For third place we saw EG, the only American team in the tournament, play french millennium, and being defeated 2–0 by the Frenchmen.

The first game was a close 16–13 on de_dust2, where EG looked like they were going to win, with the score of 12–3 in the first half, but it was not to be as Millennium was able to win 13 rounds in the second half.

In the second map, de_train, is where the Millenium shined on the CT side, winning the half 12–3. EG was unable to come back, losing the game 16–10 overall.

Final standings for FreamHack Summer:

1. lemondogs - 60 000 SEK ($7,942)
2. SK Gaming - 25 000 SEK ($3,309)
3. Millenium - 15 000 SEK ($1,985)

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