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Shocker at DreamHack: Aquintra and HSBG Advance

DREAMHACK, Sweden - At the end of group stage, two surprise teams advance over favorites.

In group stage obvious favorites came to the forefronts; SK-Gaming in Group A, lemondogs and begrip in Group B, DTS and Crack Clan in group C, and finally EG and alchemists in group D.

However, like most competitions, an underdog has come up and surprised everyone.

This event has two teams, however.  Aquintra, who advanced through Group C over Crack Clan after some controversy involving a new “bomb bug” – which is said to leave a bomb undefusable and then a rematch, which Crack Clan lost outright – and HSBG who narrowly advanced over alchemist in Group D, by only a difference of three rounds.

The other favorites felt little push from the other teams. SK-Gaming went uncontested in group A and second place was given to Millenium after they defeated SoA 16–11 in the last game of group stage.

Group B Lemondogs – featuring GuX and GeT_RiGhT from fnatic – demolished their group and begrip cleaned up their matches as well.

DTS destroyed their group and finally EG surprised most of Europe with great play and an undefeated record, scoring their spot for the elimination round.

These two teams will join the six favorites in the eight team melee.

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