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ESEA Mid-Season Wrap-Up

ESEA – Halfway through the season it is Mike Gaming who is looking to remain on top.

Written prior to this weeks matches.

Rounding halfway home, many teams need to make a push to fight for a playoff spot.

Mike Gaming

Leading off in the first seed in the standings is Mike Gaming. In a nutshell, Mike Gaming is a fusion of the old Pandemic Counter Strike: Source roster and the San Francisco Optx roster.

Mike Gaming has a record of 6-2 and is currently on a two game win streak. There winning streak consists of wins against Absolution and Keyboard Smashers both on Nuke.

Their two losses are against Cyber Revolution and x3o, very tough contenders. Other than those two matches, Mike Gaming has held the rest of their opponents to ten rounds or less, just to showcase their explosiveness.

ClowN played his first match of the season last week, taking the place of Mustang against Absolution. Look for his experience to help lead the way as Mike Gaming tries to stay on top.

Roster: clowN, juan (has yet to play in a match), mOE, Mustang, Ramb0, Warmach1ne

Cyber Revolution

Following Mike Gaming is second place team Cyber Revolution. Cyber Revolution also has a 6-2 record.

However, they have fewer rounds for (RF) and more rounds against (RA) then Mike Gaming, that’s why they are given the second seed so far.

The core of the roster has all played together with former teams such as FEVER and Guardians. All of that carries over to in-game chemistry with one another, and boy does it show. As mentioned previously, Cyber Rev gave Mike Gaming one of their only losses.

Cyber Rev’s first loss came early in the season in what looked like carelessness on their part as they got drubbed by Team Absolution 16-4 on de_inferno. Their second loss fell to the new and improved Vitriolic team on de_cpl_strike by a tight score of 16-13. Not to mention they are 14-1 in CEVO-P, but more of this will be mentioned at a later time in the article. Mark the date on your calendar when Cyber Revolution and Mike Gaming square off de_cpl_mill on June 30th as it is sure to be a bloodbath.

Xperience recently left the roster, but that shouldn’t make too much of a difference for the team, as they are bringing in replacements.

Roster: Chewbacca, caseyfoster, DaZeD, frozt, p0s


Team x3o

Third in the standings is team x3o. x3o is a roster where everybody performs, it isn’t one player that carries the frags; it’s everyone’s role. They are very experienced and dangerous. If I had to choose one player to watch every night it would be AZK.

Once I saw AZK perform a couple CEVO seasons ago, he easily became a fun player to watch. He is very well balanced skill wise with both AWP and rifle. X3o has a 6-3 reord with losses to Vitriolic, Cyber Rev and a forfeit loss to Keyboard Smashers. Their latest loss was against Vitriolic on de_nuke by a score a score of 16-2 but bounced back last night with a come from behind victory against Team Dynamic on de_season.

Next week will really show who x3o really is as they face off with Mike Gaming and Cyber Revolution on de_train.

Roster: PEX, AZK, Legend, nickn0it, solraK, tn-


Vitriolic Gaming

In fourth place is new and improved Vitriolic Gaming with a record of 4-4. Starting the season out as Stormakt, they got picked up by European sponsor, Vitriolic Gaming, after showcasing their skills a few exhibitions against other European teams such as Reason Gaming. Vitriolic got off to a shaky beginning of the ESEA season by losing their first three matches, but then they found their groove.

In the next five matches, Vitriolic would go on to win 4 of them, including a victory over Cyber Revolution. Leader of the team, shaffeR, is 100% convinced that they are improving every single day.

In two weeks Vitriolic will show us how much they truly have improved when they go to play Mike Gaming, Cyber Revolution and x3o all back to back.

Roster: -kB, fractured-, naught, Prec1sioN, shaffeR-, tck

I feel that the top four teams will comfortably receive a playoff bid, but the next four teams will have to battle it out with one another.


Team Absolution

In fifth place is Team Absolution with a record of 4-5. Absolution is a bunch of old Devastation players from top to bottom. However, the team did not start that way as they had Er1cc, -kb, and CronuS all on the roster at one point. Er1cc has left Absolution to go to Team Dynamic, -kb now plays for Vitriolic, and CronuS is on an 8-1 open team named Equipoise. The only big win Absolution has had was against Cyber Revolution and they dominated them 16-4.

The new and improved Devastation roster should be fun to watch as they move on through the season. A rematch between Cyber Rev and Absolution is scheduled to take place on the 18th of June on de_train. Look for the old chemistry of all the dev guys meld into place as they look to devastate the teams remaining on their schedule.

Roster: anger, ChEekz, sasquatch, KwicK, miller-s-, railm0, sauce


Team Dynamic

Currently in sixth place is Team Dynamic with a record of 4-5. After acquiring Er1cc it is official, they are everybody’s favorite team again, team suave. Up until last night, Team Dynamic had gone on a win loss win loss alternating pattern until they received their second loss in a row last night. Some of their wins feature wins against Vitriolic and Absolution. They beat Absolution in 4 overtimes by a score of 26-21 on de_cpl_strike. Their latest loss came against x3o where they actually had a comfortable size lead winning 10-5 first half.

Remember when I mentioned that Cyber Revolution was 14-0 in CEVO up until last night?

That’s right, Team Dynamic handed them their first loss.

Dynamic will have to use that as momentum and confidence throughout the rest of the season. Look for a much different and much more suave of a team the second half of the season.

Roster: adreN, ER1cc, JaP, Moses, NoObler, demonic, skinnySIL


Keyboard Smashers

In seven place is Keyboard Smashers with a record of 3-5, one win of which is a forfeit win over x3o. Their greatest win of the season was against team Vitriolic in the opening week on de_dust2 by a score 16-10. Although they have not had many wins, most of their matches they have competitively been in. One loss was against Cyber Revolution by a score of 16-14 on de_dust2 and another close loss to Team Dynamic by a score of 16-13 on de_inferno. If KBS can’t start turning these close matches into wins then it’s going to be season over for them.

The rest of the roster has to step up and play better the second half of the season as Glockateer and Torr have been doing much of the heavy lifting, the acquisition of DUBE from Absolution and ridic from Mike Gaming should be a help.

Roster: bits, DNX, DUBE, Glockateer, h0nk, PLR, ridic, Torr


Push Gaming

Finishing off in eighth and final place is Push Gaming with a 1-8 record. Push never even got going as they lost the first five matches of the season in a row until they finally got their first win against Team Dynamic by a score of 16-11 on de_cpl_strike.

There has been much controversy surrounding this team as they now seem to be forfeiting the rest of their matches due to roster issues.

One of the issues is coming from ZarT, the leader of the team who says he is going to give up hours of practicing due to the progression and worsening of his father’s disease.

It is a shame to see such young talent from Push Gaming have to end like this but in the end everyone needs to remember that Counter Strike: Source is nothing but a video game, and there is more important things in life out there.

My best wishes go to ZarT and his family as well as to the rest of the Push Gaming roster.

Roster: Captain Mark, ceNt1c, neiL, qadir, Saur, zarT

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