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ESEA Thursday, Week 5 Predictions

ESEA - ESEA Week Five closes tonight with a full tray of matches. It's double-header galore as every team except EG and Dynasty will take the stage.

Area51 (1-7) vs. Sway Gaming (4-4)

Sway currently sits in the middle of the invite standings, which is very respectable. Their opponent for tonight, however, has sunk faster than a disposed of brick tossed into the ocean. Area51 is getting beat at every facet of the game right now. That might speak to the reason of why they are tied with the vacant x3o spot for last place. That's right, even a team that doesn't exist still has as many wins as Jame^s's crew. With the way things have been going, and the lopsided scores being handed to them, I just don't see greener pastures for Area51. Sway has played OK, but no great. In fact in their last matchup, where I thought they had a chance to really prove themselves, they got beat handily by Ruins. Luckily for Sway, they face a perfect rebound team. Let the feasting begin.

Doza's Prediction: Sway > Area51 16-9

Player to watch: Dave "heller" Marentette

Ruins (6-3) vs. Arctic Thugz (2-6)

While Ruins may be the most surprising team in ESEA-I, Arctic Thugz may be the most disappointing. AT, who started as a New York posse, has seen two members depart, leaving their roster scattered and scarce. The same can be said about their less than inspiring play. Of course that is when they actually play. Two forfeit losses in a row might be foreshadowing of what's to come for the rest of the season. We'll see if that is indeed the case tonight as aT is slated to participate in a double-header. Even if they do show, the team sitting in the opposite corner is blood hungry.

Ruins will take no mercy on the battered and wounded aT, none at all.

Doza's Prediction: Ruins > aT 16-6

Player to watch: Keith "KEEFERS" Spies

North Stars United (2-7) vs. EXCELLO-GRID05 (3-5)

This is a battle of two clubs who haven't seen a win in an enormous amount of time. The three letter word that starts with "W" is almost like a myth to them. They have heard tales of the sensation, but just haven't seen it for themselves...in recent history at least. GRID05 started the season in good shape, but since have found themselves face down on the mat. I don't even know if a Georges St. Pierre kick could have taken G5 down faster than their current demise.

NSU has yet to see any sort of satisfiable victory. Sure those free wins count in the standings, but if you ask anyone on the NSU roster, they consider themselves winless. They do have a good work ethic, and still might be able to string together a few of those pesky "W's." However, that streak won't start tonight.

Paul "Adrenaline" Baker will wake up from his current state of hibernation as:

Doza's Prediction: G5 > NSU 16-11

Player to watch: Paul "Adrenaline" Baker


00 (8-1) vs. Sway Gaming (4-4)

00, former iDemise, is playing on another level right now. That became evident in their 16-10 victory over coL last night. In fact, they looked completely dominant at times, running their well-executed T-strats right down the previously undefeated throats of the Syndacite. Joe "spyro" Perez is playing at a torrid pace, and may just be 00's most consistent player at this juncture of the season. There just isn't much else to say. "Impressive" basically sums up 00 at this moment in time.

Sway will be in the second half of their double-header, but that extra warm up won't be of help here.

Doza's Prediction: 00 > Sway 16-7.

Player to watch: Joe "spyro" Perez

Arctic Thugz (2-6) vs. EXCELLO-GRID05 (3-5)

Both these teams will be closing out back-to-backs in this bout. If GRID05 can top NSU, this will be an excellent chance for them to pick up another win. As I stated earlier, aT might not even show up. Short and sweet with this one, because frankly, that is all aT deserves at this point.

Sorry for the harshness, and I apologize to aT fans, but we have a team that has played well on Nuke pitted against a team that hasn't played well at all. You do the math.

Doza's Prediction: G5 > aT 16-8.

Player to watch: Paul "Adrenaline" Baker


compLexity (8-1) vs. Gravitas Gaming (5-3)

Tonight's match of the night features Gravitas Gaming vs. CompLexity.

Gravitas's mere 5-3 mark may be surprising to some, as they have been predicted to be one of the top three teams in the country. Although ESEA is an online league, and a lot of merit is gained on LAN, 00 has temporarily slipped into that spot. A lot can be said about the absence of Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol. Without him in the lineup it almost seems like Gravitas is incapable of playing up to their potential. But that is unacceptable for a professional team.

On the other side, compLexity is coming off of their fist loss of the season. They never seemed to gain stable footing against 00, and that was ultimately their downfall. They were a step behind all match. I see Andrew "Irukandj" Timmerman making some adjustments coming into tonight's battle. Their CT-side on Nuke has to be better, hands down.

All great teams learn from defeat, and I think coL will do just that. This is a great stage for Gravitas to prove themselves as being the battering force that everyone thought them to be. I think they will come out with a lot of fire, but in the end it will just not be enough. Shaun "hostile" Catron will have a big night for GG.

All eyes fall on Timmerman again, as preventing a losing streak will lay on his shoulders. Watch for coL to amend their CT-side while returning to the win column.

Doza's Prediction: coL > GG 16-13

Player to watch: Derek "dboorN" Boorn

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