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Cybernetics Core LAN Center Tournament

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Cybernetics Core LAN Center will be hosting a big Counter Strike: Source LAN even in Las Vegas, Nevada, with at least $2000 in prizes.

The Counter Strike: Source LAN scene has been up and down throughout the years, but some are looking to change that.

Cybernetics Core LAN, a new center that opened on April 3rd, is hoping to help revive the Counter Strike: Source LAN scene through the hosting of a premier LAN this summer.

Here is some information on the tournament they look to host:

•    5v5 CSS LAN Tournament – July 25th
•    $250 registration fee per team/ $50 a player
•    $2000 first place prize at minimum (increases with the more amount of teams that register and show up)
•    Double Elimination Bracket
•    LAN Center computers will be used
•    MR15 cfg will be used
•    Directions – 5165 S Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89148

Paypal for pre payments will be setup but you may also pay at the LAN. Registration will soon be open on the website or you may send an email to one of these emails: martingonewild@live.com or cyberneticscorelv@cyberneticscorelv.com.

It would be great to get a big turn out for this LAN to help bring LAN competition back to the Source scene, not to mention that’s a pretty meaty payout and it only rises with the more teams that show up. While it might not draw national teams, you can expect a number of out-of-state teams to at least consider the event.

Click here for more information.

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