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ESEA Wednesday, Week 5 Predictions

ESEA - As Week Five continues in ESEA-I, we see the Match of the Week.

compLexity (8-0) vs. 00 (7-1)

As compLexity reaches the midpoint of the ESEA-Invite season, they find themselves in a favorable position for playoff seeding. Tonight they will have to hold serve against one of their closest competitors, 00.

Ultimately, this is a battle for first place. And when the stakes are high, so is the quality of viewing for the fans. This is going to be a fantastic display of tact and skill. With the map being de_nuke, the rushes will be fast and the rotations will be faster. The CT’s will need to utilize well placed counter-flashes in order to stabilize their bombsites. With nuke being everyone’s favorite spam map, wallshots will come into play; whether as a T trying to nab an opening pick, or as a CT trying to slow a devastating stampede.

00, who shelled Area51 16-0 in their last match, might be playing their most inspired CS of the season.  Fans who watched the dominating shutout performance saw a familiar name, Ron “Rambo” Kim.  However, his appearance may be a one-hit-wonder as Nazar “nAZ” Vynnytsky will return to the 00 lineup following a small vacation. Naz, or Steno, will be a vital piece to the puzzle as his strat calling will have a big impact on the final outcome. If 00 can strike early and secure the money game they will have a chance of taking over the coveted top spot in the division standings. The efficiency of the strats, as well as the ability to audible will be the key. 

CompLexity remains the only undefeated team in ESEA-I. After a thrilling win over the previously unscathed EG, coL looks to extend their dominance. Living in a house together, the members of complexity are taking the necessary steps to improve their teamwork; on and off the screen. The 24/7 LAN atmosphere makes them a scary opponent, and could lead to them taking the next step as a North American powerhouse.

This is going to be a close one. And with the amount of talent on display it could come down to the last couple of rounds. In the end I think coL will remain king, as their rifling will put them over the top. Andrew “Irukandji” Timmerman might be the best leader in the American Counter-Strike scene.  Watch for his calls, as well as Derek “dboorN” Boorn’s rifle.

Doza’s Prediction: coL > 00 16-13

Player to watch: Derek “dboorN” Boorn

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Nice preds.

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