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ESEA Week 5 Begins Tonight

ESEA - As we pass the midway point in ESEA-Invite, many teams are playing catch up along with some breaking away from the pack.

Dynasty, coming off a three win streak faces off against Ruins who also has a winning streak of their own with four wins.

Both of these teams have played extremely well lately and I anticipate this type of play to continue on both sides, making the match up tonight a must see. Dynasty have had their share of up’s and downs this season but I feel they have found their groove so expect great things out of this team down the stretch.

When playing better competition you really need to step your game up to a higher level and Ruins have done just this. This team is deadly and weren’t expected to do as well as they have.  Expect strong play from them tonight.

Match information can be found here.

North Stars United are getting a much needed week off receiving a forfeit win against the Inactive Spot (old coL).

The Evil Genius vs. Complexity match up will not be played tonight as well, as EG is in Sweden bootcamping for DreamHack Summer.

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