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ESEA Tuesday, Week 5 Predictions

ESEA - ESEA Week Five begins tonight on the very same map we saw during the opening week of the season, de_nuke. With EG currently in Sweden bootcamping for DreamHack, some match nights will see limited action.

Dynasty (4-4) vs. Ruins (5-3)

With both teams playing on nuke less than a month ago, fresh demos will be available for enemy eyes. In those matches we saw Ruins put up a lot of rounds against the two best teams in Invite, coL and EG. Dynasty did the same against coL and Grid05. However, even with the strong efforts in week one, neither team shored up a victory.

Coming into the night both teams are riding winning streaks. Dynasty has won three in a row, but that is a statistic with very little merit. Of the three wins, two of them have come by way of forfeit. The other was a close match against a shorthanded NSU (who has still yet to notch an actual win).

Ruins enters on a four-game win streak. With only one forfeit win, their sizzling play has been more legitimate. With a shocking upset against Gravitas Gaming and an absolute stomping of the feisty Sway, Ruins finds themselves in sole possession of 4th place. The only teams in front of them are: coL (8-0), EG (7-1), and 00 (7-1).

I just don't see Dynasty playing to the level necessary to achieve victory. Ruins has been getting exceptional production from Sean "SGARES" Gares and Dustin "DIZZAMAN" Dilyerd, and that will continue. Ruins will finally see a "W" on de_nuke.

Doza's Prediction: Ruins > Dynasty 16-10.

Player to watch: Dustin "DIZZAMAN" Dilyerd.

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