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Counter-Strike 1.6 Season 11 - Professional Placement Tournament

CEVO -- Sixteen teams will compete for the chance to play in the Professional division of CEVO’s Counter Strike league.

The Counter Strike 1.6 CEVO Placement tournament has been announced.  The event, which begins on June 18th, will determine who will play in the Professional division for CEVO.

More information is provided below:

Brackets & Deadline Days:


Round 1 - Thursday, June 18th
Round 2 - Sunday, June 21st
Round 3 - Monday, June 22nd
Round 4 - Tuesday, June 23rd

The Teams:

The teams that have been invited to play in the upcoming Professional Placement Tournament are as follows:
1. iDemise (CEVO-P 7th)
2. 34 (CEVO-P 8th)
3. aftereffect (CEVO-P 9th)
4. North Stars United (CEVO-M 2nd)
5. POV (CEVO-M 3rd)
6. Area 51 Gaming (CEVO-M 4th)
7. Vortex (CEVO-M 5th/6th)
8. west coast rockers (CEVO-M 5th/6th)
9. (NZXT 1st)
10. (NZXT 2nd)
11. (Application Spot)
12. (Application Spot)
13. (Application Spot)
14. (Application Spot)
15. (Application Spot)
16. (Application Spot)

Rules and Guidelines:

The tournament rules and guidelines are as follows:

- All CEVO rules are in full effect, except as different below.
- The tournament format is double elimination.
- Each match will be a best of three maps.
- Teams may reserve a CEVO server for any match.
- A 5v5 knife-fight will be used to determine who gets to pick sides.


Teams that have not qualified yet, and are interested in competing in the Professional Placement Tournament can apply via email before Sunday, June 14th @ 9:00 PM CST.

To apply, teams must be signed up in the Open or Main division with at least 5 "@ready" members on their roster.

Please send the following to cs-placement@cevo.com to apply.

1. Team Name
2. Link to CEVO team page. (Can be found on the standings)
3. Team Experience / Accomplishments (CEVO, other leagues/tournaments, other games, etc..)
4. Why you feel that your team deserves to be invited into the tournament.


The full announcement can be found here.

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