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MaxFrag Celebrates 1 Year

VANCOUVER, B.C. - MaxFrag, a industry leading ventrilo server provider, announced today that it is celebrating its 1 year anniversary by offering several discounts on ventrilo hosting packages and also offering some for only a PENNY.

The company, which is owned and operated in British Columbia, will now be offering 10 slot ventrilo server packages for only a penny. MaxFrag will also be offering customers 50% off on all hosting packages. These offers are only available today.

“We’ve been providing premier quality hosting services  and support for over a year now, which has lead us to grow at an exponential rate,” said CEO Anthony Deol. “It’s great to see our hard work pay off.”

MaxFrag hosts thousands of ventrilo servers and provides 24/7 customer support along with a 3 day money back guarantee to all customers.

According to Anthony, the company will also be releasing a new Ventrilo Status Monitor, giving customers the ability to post live ventrilo server information on their websites.

“This offer allows our prospective customers to experience why MaxFrag is leading the industry. MaxFrag offers great quality ventrilos for the lowest price in the industry (without using a coupon). We also offer a 3 day money back guarantee and real 24/7 customer support. This exclusive offer is just the thing our future clients need to take the first step to total customer satisfaction. It’s important that our new customers are never under pressure, which is why our servers are only for a penny today,” said Anthony.

Click here to the anniversary deal.


About MaxFrag

MaxFrag.net is the exemplar hosting company for all PC to PC communication needs. MaxFrag.net’s hosting service combines the familiar Ventrilo Server client with a reliable and blazing fast direct connection to the internet.  This is done through our state-of-the-art network consisting of numerous high-performance servers dedicated completely to exceeding the needs of today's hosting market.  When our superior hosting is combined with our committed support team, the end result is the absolute best service money can buy.

At MaxFrag.net, it is our responsibility and our pleasure to keep the populous connected.  As the communication industry makes the shift from analog to digital, our customers can relax knowing they are equipped with the latest and best technology every day.  Don’t just take our word for it, sign up today and see for yourself what an unparalleled Voice Over IP network is all about.

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quote#1 US Ghost 08/06/2009 - 13:33:04
Congrats Maxfrag and good luck on the many years to come.

quote#2 US TimL 08/06/2009 - 13:50:14
Congratulations to Maxfrag. :)

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