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Built On Energy, MaxFrag Break Ties

Ohio -- Built On Energy, one of the fastest growing eSports leagues with over 15,000 registered users, and MaxFrag hit rock bottom as the companies quarrell in heated "he said, he said".

MaxFrag, a leading provider of voice communications - one of the largest, in fact - and the new league Built On Energy have completely severed ties with one another, but not before a few words were exchanged, however, both among each other and publically.

On Thursday evening, the Built On Energy website announced that the league was no mor due to "unfortunate circumstances".  This, MaxFrag says, was because they discovered that the anti-cheat client - one of the leading reasons for MaxFrag's commitment in the first place - was never purchased by Built On Energy.

"Recently, MaxFrag found out BOE did not own the Anti-Cheat Software they hand linked on the web page," says Anthony Doel, the owner of MaxFrag.  "MaxFrag was deeply disturbed by this news and decided it was time to slowly pull the BOE sponsorship. We did not want to leave BOE high and dry. We were waiting for the right time so they could run without MaxFrag being a partner or associated with them in any way. MaxFrag had already scoped out new partners."

It didn't take long for Daniel, the owner of BOE, to discover what MaxFrag was doing and immediately he wanted to put a stop to it.  The controversy most lower-tier eSports fans know about began.

"Once the co-founder, Daniel, found out about MaxFrag supporting other leagues and slowly pulling out, he asked us for the domain back," Anthony adds. "We had already spent a lot of money on BOE so we couldn't just return the domain. I explained to him that we were leaving because of the Anti-Cheat client, and if he could provide us with proof of ownership we would gladly stick around. After this conversation, he banned MaxFrag and declared MaxFrag had been dropped as a partner. He proceeded to tell users that we "hijacked" the domain, which was completely false. Once we tried to clarify what happened, we were banned."

Daniel stated to me that "no contract was ever in place" - as in a legal document - with MaxFrag and Anthony was only an investor into the league through MaxFrag.  MaxFrag had the hosting because they "were handling those kinds of things for us, as per our sponsorship."

Daniel also produced a scanned copy of the contract with Tony Sharpe, the coder who created the client.  It clearly states that Tony would be paid $1,000 for his work and it includes a stamp from the auditor at the bank.  Tony was not available at the time of this initial posting but has been asked to get in contact with us.

Daniel also added why MaxFrag was removed from the channel. "I banned him from the channel because of the false allegations he posted on the domain," he says. "Why should he be allowed in the channel if he is going to spread false rumors and post things like that in the channel? Just think of what he would or could have posted in the channel."

Whether or not there was a contract ever in place with MaxFrag and Built On Energy, it seems that there was a big misunderstanding, which has now ruined a potentially good league.  Keylogger and everything else aside, Built On Energy was the largest growing league for Counter Strike to date, and this event might have ruined it.

Neither organization appears to be sweating it, however. MaxFrag has committed their funds to the new ECO-League, run by old CAL admins which is set to release sometime in the near future.  Built on Energy is supposedly preparing a major announcement as well.

Hopefully the two companies can work out their current problem, but it appears unlikely this will occur. With MaxFrag and BOE looking elsewhere, it might be another month or two before a new league turns eSports into a new direction.


Michael Fleming is the Editor in Chief of Insider eSports.

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quote#1 US peawok 06/06/2009 - 23:09:17
Unfortunate news for gamers. Hopefully both orgs. get back on their feet.

Another thing I didnt include, btw: John Tamburino (jtaM) is apparently not with BOE at all anymore. He has dropped off the face of the earth right now (as far as Daniel knows) and was not around to speak to.

quote#2 US Domey 07/06/2009 - 01:32:27
boe got shit on b4 it even had a chance to blossum

quote#3 US Scott- 07/06/2009 - 09:42:48
1st time failed, 2nd time failed, maybe 3rd time is the charm?

quote#4 US Ghost 07/06/2009 - 19:02:55
#2 QFT

quote#5 US XPLDanS 09/06/2009 - 09:18:56
This is a bad step for the gaming community. Now it puts a question into the gamers. How do we know that we can trust that league? So now the leagues need to prove them selfs.

quote#6 US zamN 18/06/2009 - 11:16:37
wasn't XPL supposed to come out a while ago and it never did?

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