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Pay 2 Play vs Free 2 Play

INSIDER ESPORTS - TehKorean talks about his new found love: free to play games.

By: David “Tehkorean” Kim
All opinions expressed are of the writers own opinion and not of Insider eSports.


In video games, money is always involved in playing the game… usually. Whether it is to buy the game, pay a monthly fee, or buy a special component to play the game.

Without money usually access to high quality games is limited. However what if I told you what you can play a MMORPG, an action adventure game, and a first person shooter all for free?

That dream has come true through many free online games that are on the internet and available to everyone who has broadband or higher.

Some of you might say, “but tehkorean I already knew that there were free games on the internet that I could play, why are you telling me this?”

Well I am pretty new to the Free 2 Play scene, just realizing that there are many games out there which are all very high quality and can be played without making a dent in your wallet. Also I’ve noticed that these very same games have the ability to compete with some of the Pay 2 Play games out there such as WoW, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, and more.

One game that is Free 2 Play that I’d like to point out is Huxley [http://huxley.ijji.com] a Free 2 Play game that has the graphical ability of the Unreal 3 engine. Now for a first person shooter game that is Free 2 Play this game is absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s a link for a gameplay trailer.

Not only are the graphics amazing but in Huxley it is not just PvP combat, there are actually PvE combat in which you can battle monsters all in first person with your clan or group of buddies. Best of all this game is completely free and only requires an account on the publisher’s website www.ijji.com. Unfortunately for all of you who want to play it is currently in closed beta and you will have to be patient for the next beta.

Another game that I’d like to point out that is a MMORPG called Perfect World.

Here’s a game play trailer if you are interested.

Many gamers call it a “World of Warcraft wannabe”, and to some extent it is probably true. However, Perfect World is completely free (forget paying – what is it? – $10 a month?) and you can pay for items in the game that might boost your experience gain or you can pay for an exclusive mount.

There’s also the fact that it has the graphical ability of World of Warcraft, the world is highly expansive, there are three different races and six classes, territory wars, mount system, and more. Like I said it’s also all totally free and you don’t have to pay a penny.

Now before I start to sound like an advertisement, I’ll point out the reason for this column. Slowly but surely Free 2 Play games are getting better and better to the point where they might be able to go toe to toe with games such as World of Warcraft or Counter Strike.

It truly shows that technology and business methods are changing ever so rapidly in this world. I believe that with the introduction of these games any wandering person can play a great game without worrying about money and the entire gaming culture/society can grow because of it.

I truly do hope that Free 2 Play games continue to grow to give people out there a welcoming hand when it comes to gaming and I’m eager to see how it turns out.

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