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ESEA Week 4 Comes to a Close

ESEA- Week 4 of ESEA Invite is now completed as we move onto the second half of the season.

Week 4 of de_nuke is now complete as we move deeper into the season.

It is now becoming crunch time for many teams as they have to bear down now as they try to win themselves to the playoffs.

Recalling back to Wednesday, there were two teams that had doubleheaders; x3o and Keyboard Smashers.

X3o had the first match of the night leading off against Team Dynamic. X3O took a huge early lead as Counter-Terrorists in the first half as they led going into the second half by a score of 13-2.

Team Dynamic tried to make a run in the second half by winning five straight rounds, but x3o was just too much as they went on grab the next three out of four rounds to win by a score of 16-8. Legend led the way for x3o with a total of 25 frags and PEX closely behind him with 23.

The second match of the doubleheader for x3o was up against Vitriolic. Vitriolic went ahead in the first half by a score of 13-2 and never looked back, as they went on to win by a score of 16-2. This was a very big surprise of a win, let alone the blowout of a score.

This is proof that Vitriolic is on the rise and have great potential as a team. HauNt lead the way for Vitriolic with 23 frags and an astounding stat of only 4 deaths.

The first of two matches for Keyboard Smashers was against Mike Gaming. The first half was very competitive as Mike Gaming went ahead to lead by a score of 8-7 as terrorists going into the second half. But Mike Gaming proved to be too much by almost shutting out Keyboard Smashers in the second half by a score of 8-1 for a final of 16-8. MoE went nuts for Mike Gaming as he led the way with 25 frags.

The second match for KBS and final match of the night was against Cyber Revolution, arguably the best team in CSS North America.  It was more of the same for KBS as they trailed after the first half by a score of 14-1. KBS tried to go on a valiant run on Counter-Terrorists side by winning 7 rounds but that was soon grinded to a halt as Cyber Rev got their 2 last rounds to win by a score of 16-8. DaZeD led the way for Cyber Rev with 26 frags.

Last night, Mike Gaming went up against Absolution to finish off this week of de_nuke.

Mike Gaming went ahead in the first half by a score of 12-3. Absolution was able to grab 6 rounds in the second half but that was not enough as Mike Gaming went on to win by a total of 16-9. This was clowN’s first match of the season for Mike Gaming and likewise for KwicK on Absolution. ClowN had a better debut than KwicK with 19 frags and 16 deaths where as KwicK had a dismal 6 frags and 19 deaths.

View the standings here.

Cyber Revolution received a forfeit win against Push Gaming due to team problems amongst the Push Gaming squad. Nobody is sure whether or not they are going to continue on with season as they have been barely above float due to “vacations, deaths in the families, work schedules, also beginning of summer” according to team leader zarT. ZarT says he will not be able to put in the time into his gaming anymore due to the condition and progression of his father’s disease.

Our best wishes go out to zarT and his family.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow ESEA throughout the rest of the season.

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quote#1 US RedruM 05/06/2009 - 19:44:22
Its sad to see a good player have to stop playin if that what zart intends to do for a reason like this. But at the end of the day you have to realize that its just a videogame and theres a lot more important things in your life.

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