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Axon in, Mutt out for k1ck

Portugal - Joaquim 'axoN' Pinto comes back to k1ck after a short period of absence for WCG.

Joaquim "axoN" Pinto, who was released earlier this year in February for the up and comer Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes, only needed a team to help him break out.

After some success, winning KODE5 Portugal, but failing to leave the first round at KODE5 Finals in Moscow, the team has gone reacquired Pinto and released Fernandes for WCG, where Fernandes would be too young to compete.

"The whole team sat down and decided this was the best thing to do, mUttt would not be able to participate in the WCG in November because of his age and the WCG will be the most important event we will have," team captain, Helder "coachi" Sancho, told HLTV.org.

"[Pinto] is a player that went through a hard time and did not work hard enough and was removed from the team as such, but we all know he is one of the best Portuguese players, perhaps the most aggressive one and the best aimer. With his addition, we gain a lot of skill and aggressiveness."

Their first event with the new roster will be GameGune 2009, one of the few international events on the Iberian Peninsula.

"We want to be one of the best teams in the world and we believe that with this change we will be closer to that, we hope we can beat some of the main favourites at GameGune and if possible finish in one of the top places.”

k1ck's roster:
Helder "coachi" Sancho
Tiago "QUICK" Silva
Rui "SHOUW" Reis
Ricardo "fox" Pacheco
Joaquim "axoN" Pinto



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