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Title Holders Look to Repeat at ENC

ESL – Week One is in the books as the fight for European supremacy gets underway.

With Week One now done the battle for Europe has officially begun. Five exciting matches have been played to kick start this tournament:


The first match was between United Kingdom and Russia. UK won the first map by the hair on their chin on de_dust2 by a score of 16-14, winning both halves by a score of 8-7. Then on de_train Russia came out victorious winning 16-12, tying the series at 1-1 heading into de_inferno. United Kingdom got the best of Russia by shutting them out by a score of 16-0.

The second match was between France and Belgium. The first map was on de_dust2 as France won by a score of 16-10 heading into de_nuke. Belgium was able to take this map by the score of 16-10. The series was now tied heading into de_inferno. Much like the match between UK and Russia, the finisher of this series was a one sided blowout. France was able to smother Belgium by a score of 16-2.

To wrap up Group A and Week 1, Germany will play a double header on the 6th of June. Their first match will be against Denmark to finish Week 1, and then following that match they will play United Kingdom to start Week 2.


The first match-up in group B was that of Austria vs. Slovakia. Slovakia buried Austria on the first map of de_dust2 by a score of 16-1. The trend continued of the first group as the loser of the first map regrouped and took the second map. Austria re-gathered themselves and put on a strong showing on de_tuscan by beating Slovakia by a score of 16-11. De_inferno produced the same score, opposite result, as Slovakia beat Austria to win the match up 16-11.

The second match was between defending ENC champs Czech Republic and Netherlands. Netherlands came out on top of the first map by a score of 16-3 on de_dust2. The second map belonged to the Czech as this exciting match finished with the Czech winning 16-14 on de_nuke. Once again the winner of the first map won the third map on de_inferno. Netherlands beat out the Czech on inferno by a score of 16-9.

The third and last match was between Italy and Poland. Italy won the first match on de_dust2 by a score of 16-10. The, finally the trend of all the matches was reversed as Italy took care of business on the second map by beating Poland on de_train by a score of 16-6.

The regaining champs, Czech Republic is already down to one loss, and underdog team Italy won 2 games in a row. Italy is a surprise team as they beat Sweden and Turkey in Qualification round 4 to make it to the Main Stage and show no signs of stopping. They are definitely a dangerous team with lots of momentum and confidence as they continue their win streak.



United Kingdom – Callisto, HenryG, Hughsy, Re1ease, hudzG

Russia – Cblp, Nix1, c0m, limper, ub1que

France – HysokA, KRL, shokkk, crZ, shox

Belgium – BOON, Ex6TenZ, FuZ, NwK, janssen

Italy – Nembo, Stylahhhhh, kimera, pwnage, sKizzo

Poland – DEJV, NGO, SoftcorE, Tokz, peet

Czech Republic – bazy, WT, Sneix, Danny, mishanEEEk

Netherlands – darky, proph, Airraid, Brains, Foodas

Austria – C3dri, burnie, flo0, gruppo, wara

Slovakia – Bady, E211, K1_-, PhP, UN

Germany – dav1d, hossa, mEiJinp, nooky, puRit

Denmark – frozt, kev1n, lokke, pur1ty, rytme

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow the ENC Tournament.

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very interesting tournament if you can cope with the time zone differential..def recommend watching some

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