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Dynasty, NSU in Doubleheaders for ESEA Tonight

ESEA – Week 4 continues tonight as NSU is still searching for a win, CompLexity continues to mow the competition and two 4-3 teams face off.

The first match of the night will feature Sway Gaming vs. Ruins, both 4-3 on the season and doing well for themselves.  Of course, with Dynasty right on their tail neither wants to lose the matchup.  They have yet to face anyone this season on de_dust2 worth noting – Sway played the winless NSU last night and beat them 16-12 and Ruins had a forfeit win – so who knows exactly how either will play tonight. The most important thing to note is that neither of these teams can afford the loss, so expect everything they got tonight.

Dynasty (2-4) will play NSU (0-6) after that, and frankly this one should be a close game. This Week 3 makeup match will be on de_train, the only map where NSU was truly in it until the end.  I don’t want to jinx them, but this match is a good place to turn a pathetic season around.

View all the matches here.

Former x3o, CompLexity, will then face off against Area51 Gaming. CompLexity should have little trouble against them, as they won last night against a superior EG.  Stranger things have happened, of course, but coL fans likely aren’t too worried about the team’s undefeated season thus far.

NSU returns later this evening to play Artic Thugz, formerly WE JUST PUGGIN, formerly Money over Bitches, or, simply, MoB Gaming.  The team has not played very well at all, but NSU hasn’t either, so again this might be a place we see NSU score their first win.  All I can say is both of these teams aren’t looking to hot so expect a one-on-one gun fight all across the board, with maybe a few audibles mixed in.

Dynasty then returns for their second matchup against Gravitas Gaming.  Gravitas has been without goodfornothing for the past week or two, meaning it’s kind of hard to judge how well they’ll do until he returns.  Still, though, they are Gravitas Gaming, so expect solid teamwork and good aim.  Dynasty will have their hands full with GG, but may sneak away with a win here.

The matches kick off at 10PM Eastern Time tonight.

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