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ESEA Thursday, Week 4 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Doza predicts ESEA Week 4 matches for Thursday.

Week 4 continues with a full plate of competition. Both Dynasty and NSU are scheduled to play double-headers. It's a great night for Counter-Strike, so enjoy!

Dynasty (2-4) vs. North Stars United (0-6)

This match has been pushed back numerous times but, as the fates would have it, it still represents a chance for NSU to get off the snide. I originally predicted that the Canadian team would pick up their first win against Dynasty. Then the match got delayed, and I got hasty, gambling my chips in favor of NSU last night. The prediction gods didn't approve of that move, so let's rewind. NSU has played better than their record indicates. Yes, they haven't played great, but I don't think they deserve to be winless. Tonight will be that magical night.

Doza's Prediction: NSU > Dynasty 16-11.

Player to watch: Garrido "Xp3" David


Area51 (1-6) vs. CompLexity (7-0)

If you checked the scoreboard last night, you might have casually glanced over a 16-0 win for 00 over Area51 and assumed it to be a forfeit. Well, sadly for Area51, it wasn't. 00 just put a hurting on the veteran crew. Things aren't going to get any easier tonight as the next opponent on the bill for Jame^s's club is the only undefeated team left in ESEA-I. CompLexity. After a well executed dust2 T-side against EG, coL will look to continue their league dominance. Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman flawlessly led his team against an almost impeccable EG CT-side, often calling audibles to exploit weaknesses discovered in the early rounds. Jeff "hero" Mettetal has been ungodly with an AWP, and compLexity moves him all around the map on their CT-side. His devastating early picks set the tone for this club, and they will roll over Area51 like a bad habit in this match.

Doza's Prediction: coL > Area51 16-3.

Arctic Thugz (2-5) vs. North Stars United (0-6)

So I have NSU tabbed to snatch their first win in the opening act of their double header. What will be in store for the closer? Well their opponent is the notorious "forfeit happy" Arctic Thugz, so one of two things will happen. One, aT will tack another forfeit loss to their resume and hand NSU a free victory. Or, aT will show up and edge out a close win. It's almost a shame predicting them as favorites because it still seems as if they don't care. However, individually, each member of their squad is incredibly skilled. We'll see if the loss of Fadil "Nepo" Canovic is the final nail in the coffin, or if the New Yorkers have some heart left in them.

Doza's Prediction: aT > NSU 16-13.

Player to watch: Jason "jstone" Caposello

Dynasty (2-4) vs. Gravitas Gaming (5-2)

Since an uncharacteristic two-game losing streak, Gravitas has rebounded with two consecutive victories. Ben "ben" Hui has been playing some great Counter-Strike for this team, and he needs keep rollin' with Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol still on vacation. There is really not much to say about this match as GG plays extremely well on dust2. On the other hand, Dynasty hasn't played since an embarrassing 16-5 loss on train. While they are slated to play two matches tonight, they find themselves sitting in the "unknown" category. With the exception of their last loss, all their matches have been close. However, after that massacre on train, Don "b33f" Frain departed for Arctic Thugz. Dynasty will have a chance to prove themselves as a surprise team against the well known Gravitas...

Unfortunately for them, chances don't always equal success.

Doza's Prediction: Gravitas > Dynasty 16-9.

Player to watch: Shaun "hostile" Catron

RUINS (4-3) vs. Sway Gaming (4-3)

Following an upset win over Gravitas, RUINS looks to keep momentum on their side against Sway Gaming for the match of the night. Both teams come into the contest at a surprising 4-3 mark. The winner tonight will have sole possession of 5th place, just outside of the elite four (coL, EG, 00, and Gravitas). From watching RUINS earlier in the season, it is easy to tell that they have an extreme passion for the game. They put a lof of work into their execution, and if their play of late is any indication, they are scratching the surface of being a very good team. This is a chance for them to take another step, as the long ESEA season can bring lots of ups and downs.

Sway is coming off a 16-12 victory over their country mates NSU. Wilson "ryenn" Chen has been incredulous with his rifles lately. If he continues this hot streak, Sway will be in good hands. Matt "adr" Caverly has also been a shot in the veins for his team.

Dust2 is a map that can really go either way, but I like RUINS in this one.

Doza's Prediction: RUINS > Sway 16-11.

Player to watch: Chris "TRULS" Navratil

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Nice read Doza, you articles are wicked sick pwnage!!

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Nice read Doza, you articles are wicked sick pwnage!!

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