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The Gaming Stereotype

INSIDER ESPORTS - Kai talks about gaming stereotypes that many, through the media, believe in.

The media should not take all the blame though. We are part of the reason. Most people don’t like World of Warcraft unless they are the one playing it.

Our high egos and ability to rage when things aren’t going well is probably a part of it, too.

The media portrays video games as bad for kids and that the average gamer is young (teens to mid-20s), but according to TheESA, the average age of people who play video games is 35. The average age for people who buy video games is 40, and 40% of gamers are female. 94% of kids who buy games have parents present when purchasing or renting games, and 63% of parents believe that video games are a positive part of a child’s life.

South Park may be another reason why people believe gamers are overweight. In the one episode titled “Make Love, Not Warcraft”. It shows the main characters along with another character as overweight people playing World of Warcraft all day, doing everything in front of the computer. While this episode is meant to poke fun at the game, it may have influenced the opinions of some.

I’m sure that if you have ever scrimmaged in Counter-Strike or other FPS games, you have met people with high egos who believe that they are better than everyone else or if someone else plays better than him, that person is a hacker. I’m also sure that you have met people who leave the server when they are losing.

A more common stereotype between gamers is that Korean Starcraft players are better Starcraft players than those of people from other places. While Starcraft is popular in Korea and they do dominate the Starcraft scene, it does not necessarily mean they are better than players from places such as US or Europe.

With more TV exposure (WCG Ultimate Gamer, CGS, MLG, 60 Minutes, etc.) people are starting to realize that gamers can pretty much be anyone. It could be the person sitting next to you or your next-door neighbor. Gamers don’t necessarily have to be overweight or living in their parent’s basement or not have a job.

The first name casual gamers think of when someone mentions gamer is Fatal1ty. If you have met him or seen his picture, you would know he is nothing like the qualities that some people believe in. He is someone who enjoys video games, but still finds time to be physically active.

Another name more common between people who followed Complexity, CGS or WCG Ultimate Gamer is sWooZie. He also does not show any of the qualities people believe in. Many know he enjoys going out just as much as he enjoys playing games.

People may argue that playing video games isn’t a job, but these people are making thousands of dollars doing something they love while most people have careers.

While gaming, as a profession, may not bring in enough to meet the needs of a family, it is more than enough for someone who is in their late teens or early 20s. Even if you weren’t someone who plays video games for money, it is something you could do to entertain yourself for a few hours.

A person once said, “Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning.”

Before you go judging something, realize that not everything is as people say it is so don’t base your ideas off of what someone else has said, but off of what you’ve seen.

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quote#1 CA Kai 04/06/2009 - 06:41:50
Aww, my article got cut in half. :(

Lol oh well.

quote#2 US aGent^ 06/06/2009 - 11:53:35
Nice article, kai.

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