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Cadred Top 10 May Released

Cadred.org has released its Top 10 European rankings for May, with Verygames still remaining top dog in Europe. After their continuous domination of the Source scene, it is of no surprise to see them remaining at the top spot.   

The most improved team this month was the French side RedLine, after an impressive showing at the most recent LAN79, where they succumbed to Reason Gaming in the lower bracket final, it is no surprise to see them amongst the top brass in Europe.

With RedLine moving up in the world, the biggest loss to Europe is that of Crack Clan. The team was arguably the second strongest squad in Europe, and the only team to defeat Verygames on LAN this year. It is a great shame that the squad departed ways.

The full rankings below:

1 - Verygames
2 - Reason Gaming
3 - RedLine
4 - Dignitas
5 - 4Kings
6 - mTw
7 - Alternate aTTaX
8 - Roccat
9 - TCM
10 - zOo

With major LAN events coming up during the next two months, this summer looks set to be action packed, with what should be a number of spectacular games in store, for us to feast our eyes on to. Not to mention that a certain American team, will be crossing the pond to try out its chances at one of this summer’s major events.

Courtesy of cadred.org

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